Objects & Places from All of the Women of the Bible

Edith Deen
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Object Descriptions

Judea - This land was governed and populated largely by Jews.

Bethlehem - This was the town where the Roman census was taken.

Egypt - This nation was one in which Hebrews were enslaved at one time.

Galilee - This place is the province where Jesus was condemned to death by crucifixion.

Endor - This place was known to have a witch living there.

Jerusalem - This city is the capital of Israel and is the location of many a Hebrew drama.

Church - Jesus referred to this religious institution as his bride.

Canaan - This is one of the lands populated by a somewhat flexible Hebrew people.

Samaria - This location is the homeland of the woman Jesus met at the well.

Holy Land - This term refers to the capital city of Israel and its surrounding environs.

Temple - This term refers to the Hebrew...

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