Daily Lessons for Teaching All of the Women of the Bible

Edith Deen
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Eve)


Chapter 1, Eve

Each chapter in Section I of All of the Women in the Bible by Edith Deen begins with an epigraph and a list of Bible verses in which the woman or women featured in the chapter appear. Immediately beneath each epigraph, the chapters also have a capitalized header that summarizes the life of the woman or women discussed in the chapter. The chapter entitled Daughters of Zelophad, for example, has the header "They Declared Their Rights". This lesson will discuss the way the author structures the first section of the book. The epigraphs and headers are important in introducing and summarizing the lives of the women depicted in the chapters and Edith Deen's use of the same chronological order as the Bible in organizing and presenting the women she discusses makes it easy for readers to follow along in Deen's book as they read...

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