All of the Women of the Bible Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Edith Deen
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Chapter 1, Eve

• Edith Deen recounts the Judaic version of creation in which Eve, the first woman, came from Adam's rib.

• Eve's story began in the Garden of Eden.

• Poets and artists have usually depicted Eve with gleaming golden hair.

• Eve listened to the serpent, who represented temptation, and followed his suggestion to eat fruit from the Forbidden Tree.

• Once Eve disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit, she offered some to Adam and persuaded him to also disobey God by eating the fruit.
• God punished Eve's disobedience by giving her and all her female descendants pain in childbirth.

• Eve's first son was named Cain.

• Eve's second son was named Able, which meant "breath" or "fading away".

• Cain killed his brother Abel.

• Cain married and gave Eve a grandchild, Enoch.

• When Adam was 130 years old, Eve gave birth to a son named Seth.

• The lineage of Jesus Christ was...

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