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Short Answer Questions

1. After Maya explains to the Chicago stockyard worker and his wife that she and her friends are simply trying to prepare the couple for the realities of life in Ghana, what does the couple decide?

2. What is Maya's son's name?

3. As an American, how does Maya regard the African culture she is discovering?

4. What does the hairdresser tease Maya about?

5. Who is Grace Nuamah?

Short Essay Questions

1. What work does Maya find in Ghana?

2. Who is Malcolm X?

3. Who are Alice and Vicki?

4. What happens to Comfort, Maya's hairstylist?

5. What does Dieter ask of Maya?

6. What are the Revolutionist Returnees trying to help Malcolm X achieve?

7. After seeing her son in good spirits and recovering well at the hospital, how does Maya get out of the depression she's been in?

8. While drinking schnapps at Nana Nketsia's home, what do Nana, Maya, and poet Kwesi Brew discuss?

9. What is the mood during the meal when Maya and Torvash talk with Dieter and his wife?

10. How does Maya react to Sheikhali's marriage proposal?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Despite the challenges Maya faces as she adjusts to living in Ghana, she experiences times when she feels like an integral, vital part of the extended African community. Pinpoint and describe three instances when the author feels very much a part of Africa.

Essay Topic 2

Explain Maya's reasons for going to Africa. 1. What does she hope to find there? 2. Where does she end up? 3. Did she intend to live there? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the changes taking place in Ghana with the changes happening in the United States during the time period covered in this book.

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