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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Maya work on with Efua at the National Theatre?

2. What language do Maya and Sheikhali prefer to converse in?

3. How does Maya feel living in Africa?

4. After Maya explains to the Chicago stockyard worker and his wife that she and her friends are simply trying to prepare the couple for the realities of life in Ghana, what does the couple decide?

5. Once she realizes that her son is going to be all right after what happens to him unexpectedly, Maya starts to:

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's new president, regard the Americans who have moved to his country?

2. What happens when Ms. Angelou goes to the office of the "Ghanaian Times" in her search for work?

3. What important discovery does Maya make at the market in Keta?

4. How is Maya regarded in the market at Keta?

5. How do others react to Maya's anger and bitterness following her son's accident?

6. Why doesn't Malcolm X celebrate during a party the Ghana Press Club throws in his honor?

7. Why does Malcolm X go to Ghana?

8. Describe the meeting between Guy and Maya when he picks her up from the airport.

9. What does Maya dislike about Sheikhali?

10. Who chastises Maya after she erupts in anger in the Senior Common Room?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Describe how Maya's fierce independence creates both challenges and opportunities for her in Ghana.

Essay Topic 2

Not everything goes well for Maya in Ghana. Give two examples of something that is unexpected or goes wrong for Maya in Ghana. In each case, address the following:

1. How Maya is affected by the experience or turn of events.

2. In what way she suffers or struggles.

3. How she grows or matures from the experience.

Essay Topic 3

Explain how the author's usage of feelings, including disappointment, elation, and confusion, adds a broader dimension to the narrative.

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