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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Maya suggest that everyone tell a story at Dieter's house?
(a) So everyone could get to know each other better.
(b) She has a fantastic story to share.
(c) She likes Torvash and doesn't want the visit to end.
(d) To keep a close eye on Dieter.

2. How does Malcolm X respond when a university student asks how he can represent blacks when his skin is so light?
(a) Cuts his talk short and leaves in anger.
(b) Laughs and says that he lives and fights as a black man.
(c) Dismisses the question and moves on to another topic.
(d) Explains that he stands up for the oppressed everywhere.

3. What is Dunkwa?
(a) Small village Maya visits.
(b) Traditional rice and vegetable dish.
(c) Maya's name in Fanti.
(d) A regional dialect.

4. Who is Malcolm X?
(a) Sports figure.
(b) Civil Rights leader.
(c) Official U.S. ambassador.
(d) Professor of African-American history.

5. In Ghana, who does Malcolm X ride with to the airport?
(a) Nana Nketsia and Maya's friend Alice.
(b) The French ambassador.
(c) The Cuban ambassador and Maya Angelou.
(d) Maya Angelou and Julian Mayfield.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Maya feel angry towards Shirley Graham Du Bois?

2. When Malcolm X goes to talk in Accra, he has just completed a pilgrimage to where?

3. Who helped Julian Mayfield eat sausages he received from America?

4. Why is Maya happy that a tribal leader mistook her national identity?

5. Maya is approached by a German man and his wife. They invite her to:

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