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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Maya happy that a tribal leader mistook her national identity?
(a) It shows her she's an adept actress.
(b) Americans are regarded poorly in the region.
(c) She likes being mistaken for a native African.
(d) His error means she wins a bet with a colleague.

2. Why does Nana Nketsia go to Maya's house?
(a) To invite her to a church ceremony.
(b) To escort her to his home.
(c) To ask her to attend a writer's conference.
(d) To ask questions about a crime.

3. What does Malcolm X say when asked why he came to Ghana?
(a) To meet with renowned university professors.
(b) To conduct further research in African studies.
(c) To play soccer with Ghana's top team.
(d) To gather support from governments.

4. What does Sheikhali say to Maya regarding her intelligence?
(a) She is book smart.
(b) She is infinitely smarter than him.
(c) She reads too many books.
(d) He is in tremendous awe of her vast wealth of knowledge.

5. The public figure who leaves the Accra hotel at the same time as Malcolm X ends up:
(a) Tripping over a suitcase.
(b) Falling and getting a concussion.
(c) Chastising him.
(d) Embracing him warmly.

Short Answer Questions

1. By meeting and getting to know Malcolm X, Maya finds her own opinions:

2. What offer does Maya receive that would take her to Germany and Venice?

3. When Maya takes a trip into the bush and meets with a tribal leader, where does the man think Maya is from?

4. Why does Maya suggest that everyone tell a story at Dieter's house?

5. Maya is concerned about her son because she hears that his girlfriend is:

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