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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the names of the newlyweds Maya stays with while visiting a small African village?
(a) Patience and Kwame.
(b) Grace and Kante.
(c) Mercy and Kayne.
(d) Hope and Kobina.

2. What does Malcolm X say when he notices that Maya is upset?
(a) Asks why she's upset.
(b) Tells her she should be happy.
(c) Tells her she has no reason to feel sorry for herself.
(d) Asks if she's sad because he has to leave.

3. The chapter with Malcolm X sheds tremendous light on Maya's perspectives regarding:
(a) The Civil Rights Movement.
(b) The Women's Rights Movement.
(c) Professional sports.
(d) Organized religion.

4. As Maya sets out to prepare for her job interview for a position at a diamond mine, what does she realize?
(a) She may not be qualified because her education stopped at high school.
(b) She hasn't updated her resume in 14 years.
(c) She really does not want to relocate to another city.
(d) Her translation skills are lacking.

5. What is Dunkwa?
(a) A regional dialect.
(b) Small village Maya visits.
(c) Traditional rice and vegetable dish.
(d) Maya's name in Fanti.

6. After living in Ghana for a time, why does Maya feel she needs to take a vacation away from this nation?
(a) To clear her head.
(b) To see other parts of Africa.
(c) To get away from Sheikhali.
(d) To try new foods.

7. What did the Revolutionist Returnees plan in conjunction with Martin Luther King's march in Washington DC?
(a) A television party at Nana Nketsia's home to watch the march.
(b) A 24-hour prayer vigil to help protect Martin Luther King.
(c) A candlelight peace vigil outside Maya's house.
(d) Their own march to the American Embassy.

8. What does Sheikhali say to Maya regarding her intelligence?
(a) She is book smart.
(b) He is in tremendous awe of her vast wealth of knowledge.
(c) She is infinitely smarter than him.
(d) She reads too many books.

9. Why does Sheikhali speak to Maya through Mamali?
(a) To more accurately express his emotions.
(b) Mamali is fluent in English.
(c) He is embarassed to speak directly because he's so late.
(d) Maya's phone message has angered him.

10. The chapter that deals with Malcolm X underlines what prominent theme in the book?
(a) The gender divide.
(b) Apartheid.
(c) Religious tolerance.
(d) Racism.

11. Who is Malcolm X?
(a) Sports figure.
(b) Civil Rights leader.
(c) Official U.S. ambassador.
(d) Professor of African-American history.

12. In addition to Maya and her friends, who else shows up to take Malcolm X to the airport?
(a) The publisher of Accra's biggest newspaper.
(b) The president of the university.
(c) The captain of Ghana's national soccer team.
(d) Ambassadors from several countries, including China and Cuba.

13. When it's Dieter's turn to share a story with Maya and her guest, he tells a somewhat vulgar story about:
(a) Peace and war.
(b) Men and women.
(c) Friends and enemies.
(d) Angels and demons.

14. What public figure is leaving the hotel in Accra at the same time that Malcolm X is leaving?
(a) Sidney Poitier.
(b) Muhammad Ali.
(c) George Foreman.
(d) James Earl Jones.

15. Why is Maya happy that a tribal leader mistook her national identity?
(a) She likes being mistaken for a native African.
(b) It shows her she's an adept actress.
(c) His error means she wins a bet with a colleague.
(d) Americans are regarded poorly in the region.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Maya correct one of Nana Nketsia's daughters?

2. At Dieter's house, everyone is embarrassed when Dieter's mother starts to:

3. How long does the event organized by the Revolutionist Returnees to support MLK's march take place?

4. What offer does Maya receive that would take her to Germany and Venice?

5. Maya is concerned about her son because she hears that his girlfriend is:

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