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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Malcolm X plan to go before the General Assembly of the United Nations?
(a) To present his case for black Americans.
(b) To ask for an international children's olympics event.
(c) To request the release of political prisoners in Cuba.
(d) To deliver his World Treatise for Civil Rights.

2. Why does Maya suggest that everyone tell a story at Dieter's house?
(a) To keep a close eye on Dieter.
(b) So everyone could get to know each other better.
(c) She likes Torvash and doesn't want the visit to end.
(d) She has a fantastic story to share.

3. "The Blacks" is the name of a:
(a) Song Maya is learning.
(b) Poem Maya is writing.
(c) Book Maya is editing.
(d) Play Maya is in.

4. Who is Malcolm X?
(a) Civil Rights leader.
(b) Professor of African-American history.
(c) Official U.S. ambassador.
(d) Sports figure.

5. How does Malcolm X feel after his encounter with the public figure outside their hotel?
(a) Elated.
(b) Concerned.
(c) Victorious.
(d) Sad.

6. What is the time difference between Washington DC and Ghana?
(a) Three hours.
(b) One hour.
(c) Twelve hours.
(d) Seven hours.

7. Maya is concerned about her son because she hears that his girlfriend is:
(a) A married woman.
(b) Sixteen-years-old.
(c) Older than she is.
(d) The president's sister.

8. How does Maya correct one of Nana Nketsia's daughters?
(a) She gently corrects her usage of past and present tenses.
(b) She gently corrects her English pronunciation.
(c) She asks the girl to call her "Mrs." instead of "Lady."
(d) She asks the girl to refer to her by her last name, not her first.

9. When it is Torvash's turn to tell a story, he talks about a German officer who had a:
(a) Glass eye.
(b) Silver cane.
(c) Wooden leg.
(d) Gold pocket watch.

10. What public figure is leaving the hotel in Accra at the same time that Malcolm X is leaving?
(a) Sidney Poitier.
(b) George Foreman.
(c) Muhammad Ali.
(d) James Earl Jones.

11. Who are some of the actors Maya works with in Europe?
(a) Cecily Tyson.
(b) Louis Gosset Jr.
(c) All of them.
(d) James Earl Jones.

12. After finishing up in Venice, Maya moves on to:
(a) Morocco.
(b) Algeria.
(c) Egypt.
(d) Ethiopia.

13. What does Nana Nketsia ask of Maya?
(a) If she would like another job with twice the pay.
(b) If she would be willing to write a poem for the president.
(c) If she would spy on her neighbors.
(d) If she would recite a prayer at the church ceremony.

14. What are the names of the newlyweds Maya stays with while visiting a small African village?
(a) Hope and Kobina.
(b) Patience and Kwame.
(c) Mercy and Kayne.
(d) Grace and Kante.

15. After Malcolm is whisked away at the airport, how do Maya and her friends feel?
(a) Elated.
(b) Deflated.
(c) Embittered.
(d) Awestruck.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Maya brings her guest with her to the home of the German couple, how does the host react?

2. By meeting and getting to know Malcolm X, Maya finds her own opinions:

3. Who joins the event organized by the Revolutionist Returnees in Ghana to be held during Martin Luther King's march in Washington DC?

4. How does Maya react to Nana Nketsia's request?

5. After Maya tells Malcolm X why she is upset, how does he reply?

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