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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the German couple tells Maya she can bring whomever she wants as a guest, who does Maya choose?
(a) Her son Guy.
(b) Her dance coach.
(c) A black Jew she sees sitting at the bar.
(d) One of her American friends from the play.

2. After finishing up in Venice, Maya moves on to:
(a) Ethiopia.
(b) Algeria.
(c) Morocco.
(d) Egypt.

3. The chapter with Malcolm X sheds tremendous light on Maya's perspectives regarding:
(a) Professional sports.
(b) The Women's Rights Movement.
(c) The Civil Rights Movement.
(d) Organized religion.

4. How does Maya feel after helping to deliver a written protest to the first secretary of the embassy?
(a) Frightened.
(b) Victorious.
(c) Exhausted.
(d) Elated.

5. The public figure who leaves the Accra hotel at the same time as Malcolm X ends up:
(a) Falling and getting a concussion.
(b) Embracing him warmly.
(c) Chastising him.
(d) Tripping over a suitcase.

6. Why does Nana Nketsia go to Maya's house?
(a) To ask her to attend a writer's conference.
(b) To escort her to his home.
(c) To invite her to a church ceremony.
(d) To ask questions about a crime.

7. How is Maya treated when she visits a small African village?
(a) The villagers are wary of her and keep their distance.
(b) She is given many chores to do to pay for her meals.
(c) The villagers stare at her with open, unabashed curiosity.
(d) She is welcomed warmly and shown much hospitality.

8. What does Nana Nketsia ask of Maya?
(a) If she would like another job with twice the pay.
(b) If she would be willing to write a poem for the president.
(c) If she would spy on her neighbors.
(d) If she would recite a prayer at the church ceremony.

9. What does Guy do when Maya becomes angry and tries to assert her maternal authority?
(a) He knocks over a chair.
(b) He hugs her and tells her to cut it out.
(c) He tells her to mind her own business.
(d) He walks away.

10. Why does Malcolm X plan to go before the General Assembly of the United Nations?
(a) To ask for an international children's olympics event.
(b) To request the release of political prisoners in Cuba.
(c) To present his case for black Americans.
(d) To deliver his World Treatise for Civil Rights.

11. Why does Maya feel angry towards Shirley Graham Du Bois?
(a) Shirley stopped Maya from delivering a letter to Malcolm.
(b) Shirley did not let Maya speak to Malcolm at the press party.
(c) Shirley had refused Maya's attempts to arrange a meeting between her and Malcolm.
(d) Shirley spoke very poorly about Malcolm and the Revolutionist Returnees.

12. Why is Dieter upset after Torvash tells his story?
(a) He has a glass eye.
(b) He doesn't like it when people mention his cane.
(c) He feels Torvash is making fun of his wooden leg.
(d) He had lost his treasured pocket watch.

13. When it is Torvash's turn to tell a story, he talks about a German officer who had a:
(a) Wooden leg.
(b) Gold pocket watch.
(c) Glass eye.
(d) Silver cane.

14. Why is Maya happy that a tribal leader mistook her national identity?
(a) His error means she wins a bet with a colleague.
(b) It shows her she's an adept actress.
(c) She likes being mistaken for a native African.
(d) Americans are regarded poorly in the region.

15. Why does Malcolm X approach the public figure who is leaving the hotel in Accra at the same time he is?
(a) To get his autograph.
(b) To argue with him.
(c) To express his admiration.
(d) To ask for his support.

Short Answer Questions

1. What public figure is leaving the hotel in Accra at the same time that Malcolm X is leaving?

2. How does Maya correct one of Nana Nketsia's daughters?

3. Sheikhali says that by offering to marry Maya, he is:

4. Who is Malcolm X?

5. As Maya sets out to prepare for her job interview for a position at a diamond mine, what does she realize?

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