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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Maya and her friends, Vicki and Alice, open up their home for whom?
(a) Political discussion groups.
(b) Christian study groups.
(c) Foreign exchange students.
(d) Local actors.

2. At the celebration at Aburi, Maya is given a handkerchief which she uses to:
(a) Tie back her hair.
(b) Wave in the air.
(c) Wipe her tears.
(d) Clean a child's face.

3. This memoir covers the author's life during which time frame?
(a) Mid forties.
(b) Mid sixties.
(c) Late nineties.
(d) Late seventies.

4. At the university, Professor J.H. Nketia is the chairman of what?
(a) Department of Engineering.
(b) Institue of Global Perspectives.
(c) Department of Oceanographic Studies.
(d) Institute of African Studies.

5. While watching dancers at the festival in Aburi, what does Maya notice?
(a) Everyone is wearing something green.
(b) Her friend Efua is an amazing dancer.
(c) She wore the wrong shoes.
(d) She finds a large man across the room to be attractive.

6. What gift does Sheikhali send to Maya?
(a) Refrigerator.
(b) Gold necklace.
(c) Car.
(d) Pearl earrings.

7. What does the hairdresser tease Maya about?
(a) Her American clothes.
(b) Having only one child.
(c) Her American accent.
(d) Having no boyfriend.

8. After their meal on their first date, Sheikhali takes Maya to a hotel to:
(a) Dance.
(b) Eat crepes.
(c) Meet dignitaries.
(d) Listen to musicians.

9. How does Maya feel living in Africa?
(a) Terribly homesick.
(b) Like a second-class citizen.
(c) It's no different than living in the United States.
(d) Accepted and not disciminated against.

10. Why has Kojo's family come from Akwapim to speak with Maya?
(a) To ask her to move to Akwapim.
(b) To meet an American.
(c) To thank her.
(d) To interview her.

11. What article is Maya asked to write when she looks for journalism work in Africa?
(a) Reflections of Africa.
(b) African Heritage.
(c) America Today.
(d) American Cuisine.

12. In Aburi, Maya and her friend watch a parade where Maya especially enjoys what?
(a) Spanish guitars.
(b) Beating drums.
(c) Australian didgeridoos.
(d) Blaring horns.

13. Where does Maya move to with her friends Alice and Vicki?
(a) Twelfth story of a high-rise.
(b) Three-bedroom bungalow.
(c) City a hundred miles away.
(d) Neighboring quiet village.

14. Why does Maya refuse Sheikhali's offer?
(a) She already has a job.
(b) He already has a wife.
(c) She doesn't want to leave the country.
(d) She doesn't like his children.

15. After listening to the negative talk going on in the Senior Common Room discussion Maya walks into, how does she react?
(a) Laughs heartily and tells everyone they're funny.
(b) Erupts in anger and accuses the group of being ignorant.
(c) Stands up indignantly and slaps the Englishman.
(d) Shakes her head and walks away.

Short Answer Questions

1. Maya decides to help Kojo with what?

2. Not long after their first meeting, what does Sheikhali ask Maya?

3. Professor J.H. Nketia, a friend of Efua Sutherland, ends up giving Maya what?

4. What else does Professor J.H. Nketia help Maya with?

5. After being treated poorly by some in Ghana, Maya wonders what?

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