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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. This memoir covers the author's life during which time frame?
(a) Late seventies.
(b) Mid forties.
(c) Late nineties.
(d) Mid sixties.

2. What article is Maya asked to write when she looks for journalism work in Africa?
(a) American Cuisine.
(b) African Heritage.
(c) Reflections of Africa.
(d) America Today.

3. Where is Maya's son studying?
(a) University of Douala.
(b) National University of Rwanda.
(c) University of Ghana.
(d) University of Nairobi.

4. Maya and her friends, Vicki and Alice, open up their home for whom?
(a) Foreign exchange students.
(b) Christian study groups.
(c) Political discussion groups.
(d) Local actors.

5. Who is Grace Nuamah?
(a) Head custodian.
(b) Fante teacher.
(c) Head cook.
(d) Dance teacher.

6. How do the people of Ghana feel about the migration of American blacks to their nation?
(a) They welcome the newcomers with open arms.
(b) They want all the newcomers to go back home.
(c) They are more concerned with their own troubles.
(d) They don't trust any foreigners.

7. Why does Alice, Maya's friend, decide to move to Ghana?
(a) To fulfill a promise she made to her dying mother.
(b) To find a husband.
(c) To help endangered species.
(d) To work as a social worker.

8. After Maya's visit with Efua Sutherland, she goes to the hospital and finds that:
(a) They desperately need volunteers.
(b) Her son is in good spirits and doing well.
(c) There is a severe staff shortage.
(d) Her son has been moved to another hospital.

9. When Maya first goes to the Ghana Broadcasting office, who does she want to talk with?
(a) The senior vice president of the company.
(b) The person who interviews local guests.
(c) The person who hires writers.
(d) The only American working there.

10. Kojo tells Maya that he wants to go to school where?
(a) Agulu.
(b) Atlanta.
(c) Alzira.
(d) Accra.

11. What does Kojo's family give Maya?
(a) Bags of flour.
(b) A typewriter.
(c) Books.
(d) Fruits and vegetables.

12. Why does Maya refuse Sheikhali's offer?
(a) She doesn't want to leave the country.
(b) She already has a job.
(c) She doesn't like his children.
(d) He already has a wife.

13. At the time of the events of this book, who is Kwame Nkrumah?
(a) Popular celebrity in Cameroon.
(b) New president of Ghana.
(c) Freedom fighter in Rwanda.
(d) Charismatic religious leader in Kenya.

14. How does Maya feel living in Africa?
(a) Accepted and not disciminated against.
(b) Terribly homesick.
(c) It's no different than living in the United States.
(d) Like a second-class citizen.

15. Why has Kojo's family come from Akwapim to speak with Maya?
(a) To ask her to move to Akwapim.
(b) To thank her.
(c) To meet an American.
(d) To interview her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Maya's friend, Vicki, move to Africa from America?

2. A big part of the reason that Maya is in Africa during this time period is to what?

3. Who was T.D. Kwesi Bafoo?

4. What language do Maya and Sheikhali prefer to converse in?

5. Maya learns that Kojo's family are middle class:

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