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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After living with a friend in Accra, Maya and her son move to the:
(a) YMCA.
(b) Crystal Hostel.
(c) Legassi Gardens Apartments.
(d) Motel Six.

2. How does the author feel about discrimination?
(a) She cannot accept it in any form.
(b) She tolerates it when it's convenient.
(c) She doesn't spend much time thinking about it.
(d) She understands why some choose to discriminate.

3. When Maya is invited into T.D. Bafoo's office, what does she expect will happen?
(a) She will be offered a job.
(b) She will receive a raise.
(c) She will be fired.
(d) She will be reprimanded.

4. After Maya explains to the Chicago stockyard worker and his wife that she and her friends are simply trying to prepare the couple for the realities of life in Ghana, what does the couple decide?
(a) To give Ghana a chance.
(b) To ask their American relatives to wire money.
(c) To move into the YMCA.
(d) To move to Guinea.

5. Maya's steward introduces her to Kojo. Who is Kojo?
(a) World renowned cook.
(b) Famous Ghanaian photographer.
(c) Homeless man looking for food.
(d) Young boy looking for work.

6. Following what happens to Maya's son, Efua Sutherland gives her permission to what?
(a) Dance.
(b) Blame others.
(c) Cry.
(d) Scold her son.

7. What article is Maya asked to write when she looks for journalism work in Africa?
(a) America Today.
(b) African Heritage.
(c) Reflections of Africa.
(d) American Cuisine.

8. What does the hairdresser tease Maya about?
(a) Having only one child.
(b) Her American clothes.
(c) Her American accent.
(d) Having no boyfriend.

9. Which of the following is not a prominent theme in the book?
(a) Frivolity.
(b) Redemption.
(c) Discovery.
(d) Discrimination.

10. How does Maya regard T.D. Bafoo and his wife?
(a) With distrust.
(b) With anger.
(c) With uncertainty.
(d) With respect.

11. In Aburi, Maya and her friend watch a parade where Maya especially enjoys what?
(a) Spanish guitars.
(b) Blaring horns.
(c) Australian didgeridoos.
(d) Beating drums.

12. Who are the "Revolutionist Returnees?"
(a) Americans seeking refuge in Africa.
(b) Americans trying to spread democracy.
(c) South African freedom fighters.
(d) Africans working to end hunger.

13. Following Maya's reaction to the Senior Common Room discussion, what does the steward do?
(a) Reprimands her.
(b) Laughs out loud.
(c) Applauds her.
(d) Apologizes to the Englishman.

14. While Maya is at the festival in Aburi, who comes to her table?
(a) A woman who brings Maya a green bandanna.
(b) The festival organizer to offer Maya a different pair of shoes.
(c) Her friend Efua to urge Maya to come dance.
(d) A man who is accompanying the gentleman Maya finds attractive.

15. Why does Alice, Maya's friend, decide to move to Ghana?
(a) To find a husband.
(b) To fulfill a promise she made to her dying mother.
(c) To work as a social worker.
(d) To help endangered species.

Short Answer Questions

1. What else does Professor J.H. Nketia help Maya with?

2. At the time of the events of this book, who is Kwame Nkrumah?

3. When Maya first goes to the Ghana Broadcasting office, who does she want to talk with?

4. What job does Maya's friend, Vicki, get in Africa?

5. After Maya's friends Alice and Vicki tell the Chicago stockyard worker and his wife about life in Ghana, what does the man do?

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