All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes Short Essay - Answer Key

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Short Essay Questions Key

1. When she arrives at Ghana, what is Maya Angelou's intention?

Upon arriving in Ghana, Maya Angelou plans to help settle her son into the university in Accra. Once this is done, she plans to travel to Liberia and take a job with the Department of Information.

2. What changes Maya's plans, causing her to stay in Ghana indefinitely?

Just three days after arriving in Ghana, Maya's son Guy is hurt in a car accident. With him hospitalized, Maya remains in Ghana to help and support her son through his recovery.

3. How do others react to Maya's anger and bitterness following her son's accident?

After Guy's accident, Maya becomes angry and bitter. She fails to take care of her hygiene, and she treats others rudely. He friends and acquaintances try to get Maya to stop being angry and start taking care of herself again. One woman, Efua, gives Maya permission to cry.

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