Daily Lessons for Teaching All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes

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Daily Lessons

Objective: Section 1 The author begins by setting up the premise for the book and her reasons for being in Africa. The objective of this lesson is to study the premise of the story presented by the author.

1) 1. Class Discussion: Who is Maya Angelou? What type of book is this? What is a narrative memoir? Where does the author find herself? In which time era does the story take place? Why is Maya in Africa? Where is Ghana?

2. Written Assignment: Describe the turn of events that takes place early in this section, changing Ms. Angelou's plans.

3. Small Group Activity: Discuss the following within your group: Why is Maya in Ghana? Why is she in Accra? How is she helping her son? Where does she plan to go after helping him settle in? What changes her plans? How does she react to the sudden change of plan?

4. For Homework...

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