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Gerda Weissmann Klein
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Soon after the invasion, what do all townspeople have to do?
(a) They must register with the Nazis.
(b) They must give up all their food.
(c) Get tattoos of their names.
(d) They are not pressured to do anything.

2. What do Helene and Julius give Gerda for her birthday?
(a) A beautiful dress.
(b) A doll.
(c) An orange.
(d) A makeup case.

3. Who takes Gerda to see Abek's family?
(a) Mrs. Berger.
(b) The Militz official.
(c) Abek's sister.
(d) Her friend, Isle.

4. What is the family told is happening to Arthur's letters?
(a) They were being kept by his girlfriend.
(b) Arthur has sent no letters.
(c) They are delayed due to censors.
(d) They are being burned.

5. Why are Erika's mother and little brothers treated in this way by the soldiers?
(a) In an attempt to dehumanize the Jews and their deaths.
(b) They escape before having to confront the Nazis.
(c) Because Erika's mother is a single woman who cannot defend herself.
(d) They were treated very kindly by the Germans.

6. Where must Jewish women register to work?
(a) Sonowitz.
(b) Weigmanitz.
(c) Wadowitz.
(d) Berlin.

7. Why does a Nazi officer threaten Gerda in their home?
(a) She refused him food.
(b) She will not give up the location of her father.
(c) He is trying to proposition her.
(d) She insulted him.

8. What makes Gerda rethink rejecting the offer?
(a) Working in Sosnowitz might have been a chance of freedom.
(b) She does not wish to go to a death camp.
(c) She may has gotten to know Abek better.
(d) She does not wish to be locked up in a camp.

9. Why does the winter seem to be so long?
(a) Gerda wondering where her family is.
(b) Gerda feels scared about what is to come.
(c) This year it is a harsh, cold long winter.
(d) She never knows if she will survive to the next day.

10. What do the Germans decide to take from Gerda's friend, Ilse?
(a) Her puppy.
(b) Her Hair.
(c) Her time.
(d) Her piano.

11. Why didn't the Weissmanns get out of Poland sooner?
(a) Gerda's father was recovering from a heart attack.
(b) Gerda's mother was extremely sick.
(c) Gerda's mother was pregnant and it would have been too hard on her.
(d) Gerda refused to leave.

12. What happens to Erika's mother and little brother?
(a) They are taken to the middle of town square and killed.
(b) They are sent hastily to a work camp.
(c) They flee to America.
(d) They are resuced by Allied forces.

13. Who brings the news of Arthur's letters?
(a) Patrick.
(b) Peter.
(c) Paul.
(d) Phillip.

14. What is special about the last letter they receive in the chapter?
(a) The letter is in Arthur's handwriting.
(b) The letter is very long.
(c) The letter came quickly.
(d) It is scented with Arthur's cologne.

15. Does Gerda wish to work at a factory for the rest of her life?
(a) Yes, she is a good seamstress.
(b) Yes, as long as it will keep her safe.
(c) No, she wants to be a mother and work more interesting jobs.
(d) No she has no interest to stay.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the family learn about Arthur?

2. How does Gerda turn down the offer?

3. What do Gerda and Helene conceal from Julius?

4. How does the family get food?

5. What empowers Gerda now that her parents are gone?

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