All But My Life Fun Activities

Gerda Weissmann Klein
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World War II Film

Show the classroom one of the following films that were considered to be among the very best films about World War II:

- Schindler's List

- Saving Private Ryan

- A Bridge Too Far

Have the class discuss the movie and compare the experiences with Gerda's experiences.

Field Trip

Take a field trip to a museum that has a WW2 or Holocaust exhibit. Have the class write a 2-page report on the visit to the museum.

Stories from the War

Research some of the other famous women from the WW2 period and compare them to the story of Gerda Weissman.


How did WWII affect the entire world? Describe the aftereffects in a five-page paper. Also, draw a map depicting a timeline of how the war began to affect the entire world.

Dress up

Research how men and women dressed in the 1940s. Create...

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