All But My Life Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Gerda Weissmann Klein
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Essay Topic 1

Gerda is 15-years-old when the Nazis are invading her small town of Belitz, Poland. She is 21 when the war comes to an end. Compare and contrast the life of a typical girl who is 15-21 years old to the life that Gerda is forced to live.

a. What experiences would a 15-21 year old girl have (specifically)?

b. How does being in a concentration camp affect her physically and emotionally?

c. How does being separated from her family change the way she develops?

Essay Topic 2

In the story, the Jews were dehumanized.

a. How did the Germans succeed in taking away their humanity.

b. What did the Germans do to make the Jews the enemy?

c. How did the Nazis make the Jews feel?

Essay Topic 3

When Gerda and her friends are taken to Landeshut by Director Keller, she says tat she feels like she has...

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