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Alicia Appleman-Jurman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of relationship do Sophie and Alicia have?
(a) A close friendship.
(b) A sisterly relationship.
(c) A mother-daughter type relationship.
(d) Sophie is like an aunt to Alicia.

2. While in prison, how are they treated?
(a) They are treated like other prisoners.
(b) Very harshly, they are starved and tortured for information.
(c) Humanely.
(d) They are given food and clothing, but tortured.

3. Once Alicia is allowed to return to Buczacz, what is her health like?
(a) Her health is much improved.
(b) She is incredibly depressed, but not sick.
(c) It is rapidly deteriorating.
(d) She is extremely sick.

4. How did Benjamin's best friend die?
(a) Killed in a concentration camp.
(b) His friend is killed by the land mine.
(c) Killed in a Russian prison.
(d) He is killed by a Nazi bullet.

5. Who does she meet in the marketplace?
(a) Mr. Tabb.
(b) Mr. Traub.
(c) Mrs. Tabb.
(d) Mrs. Traub.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Benjamin wish to live now that the war is over?

2. After seeing her old friend, where do Bronia and Alicia go?

3. How does Alicia reward Wujciu for his kindness and putting his life at risk?

4. How does Kola's family reward Alicia for rescuing the Russians?

5. While working with the orphans and Mr. Sharf, who does Alicia meet?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is different about Mrs. Taub's six year old son?

2. How does Alicia take the news that Milek has died?

3. What hopeful news about the resistance does Alicia hear?

4. Although Alicia becomes sick and is forced to stay at the Hotel Straubinger, how does she feel?

5. How have the Ukrainians made life for the Jews and Poles very difficult.

6. What adventures does Alicia have while traveling to Chernovtsy.

7. How does Alicia escape?

8. While hanging out with her new friends, what happens to Alicia?

9. Why is Alicia so upset about this final transport?

10. What two new relationships does Alicia develop with people?

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