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Alicia Appleman-Jurman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the Nazis leave Alicia's village in Chapter 7, what has happened in the ghetto?
(a) It is burned to the ground.
(b) They attempt to go back to their home.
(c) Over two thousand residents of the ghetto have been murdered.
(d) The Jews can come out of hiding.

2. While looking for her family, what does she find?
(a) Corn fields.
(b) Her mother working in the fields.
(c) Peasants working a field of wheat.
(d) Jewish people hiding in the fields.

3. Because of what happens to his sister, what does Zach wish to do?
(a) Kill the Nazis.
(b) Get the Jewish leaders involved.
(c) Revenge his sister.
(d) Start some kind of resistance in their home town.

4. When Moshe comes home, how does he appear?
(a) Happy and exicted.
(b) Sad and starved.
(c) Relieved.
(d) Crazed and angry.

5. So far, how many brothers have been lost?
(a) 1 brother.
(b) 2 brothers.
(c) 3 brothers.
(d) None of her brothers have been killed.

6. What do the stories Alicia tells in Chapter 8 reinforce?
(a) Suffering of the Poles.
(b) Suffering of the ghetto Jews.
(c) The Nazi's cruelty.
(d) The tense relations between Ukrainians and Jews.

7. At the beginning of Chapter 13, what does the author give?
(a) The author gives a summary of Ukrainian and Polish relations.
(b) The author explains Alicia's background.
(c) The author discusses how Milek got involved in the resistance movement.
(d) Information on her youngest brother's whereabouts.

8. What did Jewish boys enjoy doing?
(a) Singing and playing instruments.
(b) Studying to become Rabbis.
(c) Dating girls.
(d) Spending time with their fathers.

9. How did Alicia's mother try to save her father?
(a) She disguises him as one of her sons.
(b) She hides him in a bunker under the house.
(c) She tries to put up a ransom for Alicia's father.
(d) She forced him to flee the town.

10. What happens to the newborn baby hidden in the kitchen of the Alicia's home?
(a) The baby is killed by the Germans who are looking for Jews.
(b) The baby stays quiet the entire time and is not discovered.
(c) The baby is left alone.
(d) The baby is stolen, and they are not sure of its fate.

11. What were the Jews proud of?
(a) Their heritage.
(b) Their money.
(c) Their community.
(d) Their heritage and community.

12. Where did Alicia and her family hide when the Nazis come to the ghetto in chapter 7?
(a) In a makeshift shelter beyond the back wall of the ghetto.
(b) In a ravine in the woods.
(c) In a bunker.
(d) Underground.

13. Where do Alicia and her family choose to live after they are moved to another ghetto?
(a) They move into the kitchen of a large home in the new ghetto.
(b) They decide to move into a small house so they can have it to themselves.
(c) They live in a very small apartment.
(d) They decide to go undergrounf to be safe.

14. What is Alicia's friend Milek now involved in?
(a) Engaged in resistance activities.
(b) He is working to smuggle Jewish people out of Poland.
(c) The Nazis.
(d) He steals food for Jewish people who cannot get out of their homes.

15. Where aren't Jews allowed?
(a) At public gatherings.
(b) In churches.
(c) In certain streets and nieghborhoods.
(d) In gardens.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Alicia accept the invitation to go to the mountains?

2. What winter clothes is Alicia given?

3. How many brothers did Alicia have?

4. At the end of the section, what has happened to the Jurman family?

5. While visiting friends, what happens to Alicia?

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