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Alicia Appleman-Jurman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Zach joins the resistance, what happens to him?
(a) He is forced to leave his hometown.
(b) He is forced to kill his younger brother.
(c) He is caught and then killed for his participation.
(d) He is sent to a death camp.

2. What important event happens at the beginning of Chapter 4?
(a) The Jews are forced to hide in bunkers everyday.
(b) Almost all Jews are sent to camps.
(c) All the Jews were moved in a ghetto.
(d) The Jews flee Poland.

3. What is the family's new winter hiding place called?
(a) A bunker.
(b) A shelter.
(c) A ravine.
(d) A shack.

4. Who has Alicia become fast friends from?
(a) Rachel.
(b) Franca.
(c) Manka.
(d) Bella.

5. At the end of the section, what has happened to the Jurman family?
(a) They are all forced to go to camps.
(b) They have escaped Poland.
(c) They send all of their males to America.
(d) They have lost all their money.

6. What do members of the Judenrat council fear?
(a) They will have to defend those who are caught resisting.
(b) They do not wish to become violent people.
(d) That if they build a resistance, the Nazis will kill more Jews.

7. When Alicia is finally healthy enough to get home, what does she find?
(a) She finds her mother and Herzl sick with typhoid.
(b) One of her friends, Milek, has run away.
(c) Her village has been burned to the ground.
(d) She finds that Herzl has died.

8. Why was a villager cast out by his peers when he had an epileptic fit?
(a) They thought what he had was contagious.
(b) They thought he was posessed by demons.
(c) They thought he was a pervert.
(d) Everyone is actually very supportive of him.

9. What is the name of the town in which Alicia grows up?
(a) Berlin, Germany.
(b) Ukraine.
(c) Moscow, Russian.
(d) Buczacz, Poland.

10. Where do Alicia and her family choose to live after they are moved to another ghetto?
(a) They live in a very small apartment.
(b) They decide to go undergrounf to be safe.
(c) They decide to move into a small house so they can have it to themselves.
(d) They move into the kitchen of a large home in the new ghetto.

11. Why is Alicia accidentally taken to a concentration camp?
(a) The Nazis think she is a part of the resistance.
(b) She runs after her mother and is then forced to go with her to the camp.
(c) She was rounded up with a group of young girls.
(d) Because she is mistaken for her mother.

12. What happens to the newborn baby hidden in the kitchen of the Alicia's home?
(a) The baby stays quiet the entire time and is not discovered.
(b) The baby is killed by the Germans who are looking for Jews.
(c) The baby is stolen, and they are not sure of its fate.
(d) The baby is left alone.

13. Because of what happens to his sister, what does Zach wish to do?
(a) Revenge his sister.
(b) Start some kind of resistance in their home town.
(c) Kill the Nazis.
(d) Get the Jewish leaders involved.

14. Why is Alicia caught by the Gestapo?
(a) Alicia chooses to stay out in the open with two babies and nurse them.
(b) She is crying when they come to look for her.
(c) She runs outside to warn others that the Nazis are coming.
(d) She is not caught.

15. Where aren't Jews allowed?
(a) At public gatherings.
(b) In churches.
(c) In gardens.
(d) In certain streets and nieghborhoods.

Short Answer Questions

1. What becomes Moshe's fate at this location?

2. Over time, what happens because of the occupation?

3. To provide for herself and her mother, what must Alicia do?

4. What do the stories Alicia tells in Chapter 8 reinforce?

5. What village is Alicia able to find work in during the winter?

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