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Alicia Appleman-Jurman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 15-17: The Bitter Winter of 1943; My Mother; Struggle to Survive.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where aren't Jews allowed?
(a) In certain streets and nieghborhoods.
(b) In gardens.
(c) At public gatherings.
(d) In churches.

2. Why doesn't Alicia accept the invitation to go to the mountains?
(a) She thinks her brother should go instead of her.
(b) She has bad allergies and will be miserable there.
(c) She fears that the Nazis will go there next.
(d) She cannot leave her mother and remaining brothers.

3. While visiting friends, what happens to Alicia?
(a) She is sent on a death march.
(b) She is forced to go to a death camp.
(c) She is forced into a boxcar for transport.
(d) She is forced to work the fields in her mother's place.

4. What is the name of Alicia's younger brother?
(a) Myron.
(b) Joseph.
(c) Jacob.
(d) Herzl.

5. What event results in Alicia's mother's death?
(a) The Germans broke through Russian lines and retake Buczacz.
(b) Her mother is unable to get to into a bunker hiding place and is killed.
(c) Alicia wants to leave and go to Israel.
(d) Her mother commits suicide.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where had Alicia's new friend, Bella, come from?

2. Who has Alicia become fast friends from?

3. What was Bella's father's occupation?

4. Where were boys encouraged to go by Russians?

5. What was Alicia's only joy that winter?

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