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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the peddler give Grace one button more than she buys?
(a) He thinks she is attractive.
(b) She had an even number, which is bad luck.
(c) He wants her to become a good customer.
(d) He only had one left so he would not be able to sell it.

2. What does Jeremiah say to Grace a few days after her birthday?
(a) She needs to find a different job.
(b) He has a special pair of stockings for her.
(c) She looks younger than she is.
(d) She should leave with him.

3. What does Jordan see as the main difference between European and North American servants?
(a) The servants in Europe demand more money.
(b) The servants in Canada are better trained.
(c) The servants in Europe are better dressed.
(d) The servants in Europe know their place.

4. What pattern would Grace use if she made a quilt for herself?
(a) Basket of Lilies.
(b) Four Points.
(c) Tree of Paradise.
(d) Bear’s Paw.

5. What does Dr. Jordan think the reason is that prisons are so dreary?
(a) The type of people who work in prisons like dreary places.
(b) The criminals are considered evil and should be kept in the dark.
(c) It is part of the punishment.
(d) To save money on lighting.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color and design is on the dress Nancy wears in Grace’s dream?

2. What does Jordan place in front of Grace at the beginning of Chapter 5?

3. What does George do when Mary becomes pregnant?

4. What does Dr. Jordan’s surgical instructor in school say is necessary for a good surgeon to have?

5. To what event is Jordan invited at the governor’s house?

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