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Peter Green
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Alexander learn from a messenger on his way to Sousa?
(a) Sousa had already fallen to Philoxenus.
(b) His mother had fallen gravely ill.
(c) Philoxenus had failed to capture Sousa, and was routed.
(d) Darius had regathered his forces there.

2. What challenge did Alexander have to overcome at Jhelum River?
(a) His enemy's formidable war elephants.
(b) A great heat wave.
(c) The fact that most of his army abandoned him.
(d) Extremely uncertain footing on the banks of the river.

3. In February 324 BC, Alexander arrived in which territory?
(a) Hindu Kush.
(b) The Indian Ocean.
(c) Susa.
(d) Macedonia.

4. Who led the Indian army that opposed Alexander in India?
(a) Porus.
(b) Darius.
(c) Oxyartes.
(d) Bessus.

5. At the battle of the Chenab citadel, what rumor gained popularity?
(a) Alexander was dead.
(b) Zeus had visited Alexander in his tent.
(c) Alexander was broke, and had no way to pay the army.
(d) Bessus had escaped execution and now threatened Alexander's army.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the ethnic makeup of Alexander's army change by the time he entered India?

2. Who murdered Darius?

3. Why didn't Alexander spend much time in Ecbatana?

4. On his march to Pakistan, in what way did Alexander's land-bound troops suffer?

5. In the summer of 331 BC, where did Darius stage his army?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Alexander's history with Satibarzanes?

2. Describe Alexander's conquest of Gaza. Why was Gaza an important city to conquer?

3. Describe the marriages that took place in Susa in 324 BC. How politically effective were these marriages?

4. What did Darius' death mean for Alexander, politically?

5. What kind of riches did Alexander discover in India? What compounded any financial difficulties Alexander encountered in India?

6. After Massago, in what way did Alexander divide his army, and what orders did he give?

7. What rumor spread during the battle of the Chenab citadel, and what action did Alexander take to stop the rumor?

8. Describe the beginning of Alexander's pursuit of Bessus, through the Hindu Kush.

9. Describe Alexander's experience in Chenab as he sailed down the Jhelum River. What action did his army take?

10. Describe the battle of Gaugamela. How even were the forces? What strategy did Alexander use? What were the results of the battle?

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