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Peter Green
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Alexander respond to Darius' death?
(a) He systematically burned all villages to which he came.
(b) He pretended that Darius was still alive for political reasons.
(c) He felt his only option was to present himself as Darius' choice for successor.
(d) He abandoned his campaign further east, since he had accomplished his ultimate goal.

2. What was the name of Alexander's treasurer?
(a) Hephaestion.
(b) Oxyartes.
(c) Harpalus.
(d) Aristotle.

3. How did the citizens of Pattala react to Alexander's arrival?
(a) They offered to give up all their able-bodied males for Alexander's army.
(b) They welcomed him to their city with open arms.
(c) They evacuated the city before he arrived.
(d) They fought and lost a two-month battle.

4. How did the ethnic makeup of Alexander's army change by the time he entered India?
(a) There were more pureblood Greeks, and less mixed-breed slaves.
(b) There were more Africans, and less Persians.
(c) There were more Macedonians, and less Persians.
(d) There were more Persians, and less Macedonians.

5. Why did Alexander ultimately stop his push eastward into Arabia?
(a) He wished to settle down and raise a family with Roxanne.
(b) His mutinous troops forced him to stop.
(c) He was told by prophets that further movement would end in disaster.
(d) He became frightened, because legend told of an end to the world.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what land did Alexander plan travel to after India?

2. Who murdered Darius?

3. Persepolis was the burial place of whom?

4. Who did Alexander send to Sousa after leaving Gaugamela?

5. On what island did Alexander build the city of Alexandria?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Darius' ultimate fate after his defeat at Gaugamela?

2. What was Alexander's history with Satibarzanes?

3. Describe the marriages that took place in Susa in 324 BC. How politically effective were these marriages?

4. Describe Alexander's experience in Chenab as he sailed down the Jhelum River. What action did his army take?

5. After Gaza, describe Alexander's campaign through Egypt. How long was he there? What important events happened during his time in Egypt?

6. What kind of riches did Alexander discover in India? What compounded any financial difficulties Alexander encountered in India?

7. What did Darius' death mean for Alexander, politically?

8. What unique challenge did Alexander face at Jhelum River? How is Jhelum River regarded among the battles of Alexander?

9. Describe Alexander's conquest of Gaza. Why was Gaza an important city to conquer?

10. What was Alexander's plan after his Indian campaign? What curtailed further plans?

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