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Peter Green
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the sea east of the Greek mainland?
(a) Black.
(b) Caspian.
(c) Ionian.
(d) Aegean.

2. How did the Persian empire prepare for a planned invasion of the Greek mainland around 334 BC?
(a) Darius married Ada to force a political/military alliance.
(b) Memnon began capturing islands off the coast.
(c) Darius fired Memnon in order to personally lead the troops.
(d) Memnon captured Athens to use as a base of operations.

3. What was the name of Philip's fifth wife?
(a) Cleopatra.
(b) Sharonia.
(c) Olympias.
(d) Helen.

4. Who was the mother of Alexander?
(a) Olympias.
(b) Theta.
(c) Parmenia.
(d) Ariadne.

5. After Issus, Darius supplied the king of which territory with Persian ships?
(a) Athens.
(b) Sparta.
(c) Ionia.
(d) Thessaly.

Short Answer Questions

1. At what event was Philip assassinated?

2. Where was Alexander the Great born?

3. Where did Darius offer a settlement to Alexander after the battle of Issus?

4. Who did Alexander send to Damascus for the Persian royal treasure?

5. In a settlement after Issus, Darius offered to cede lands west of which river?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Darius propose at Marathos after the battle of Issus? What was Alexander's response?

2. Describe how Philip was murdered. What was the outcome of this murder?

3. Describe the battle of Pelium, including its pretext and its outcome.

4. Why did Alexander send Parmenio to Damascus shortly after Alexander met Darius at Marathos? What did Parmenio succeed in procuring?

5. Describe King Philip's aggressions toward the Illyrians, the battle that ensued, and the strategy Philip innovated during the battle.

6. Describe the values given to Alexander by Aristotle.

7. For what reasons was Macedonia deeply in debt in 335 BC, prior to the Persian campaign?

8. Describe the geography of Macedonia.

9. What immediate actions did Alexander take after his father Philip was murdered?

10. Describe Alexander's time in Gordium, including the Gordian Knot and the omen Alexander believed he received from Zeus.

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