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Peter Green
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When King Philip met the Illyrians in battle, how many Illyrians did he kill, approximately?
(a) Nineteen thousand.
(b) One Hundred.
(c) Only a handful.
(d) Seven thousand.

2. What important battle took place in August 338?
(a) The battle of Peloponnesia.
(b) The battle of Thebes.
(c) The battle of Jhelum River.
(d) The battle of Chaeronaea.

3. In what year was the battle of Pelium fought?
(a) 335 BC.
(b) 320 BC.
(c) 480 BC.
(d) 128 AD.

4. What occurred in the siege of Halicarnassus?
(a) Alexander took the city from the Persians, but the Persians set fire to most of the city.
(b) The Persians took the city from Alexander, but Alexander had the city burned.
(c) Alexander was triumphant, killing Memnon and ending his Persian campaign.
(d) The Persians were defeated, but they scored an important victory in destroying Alexander's naval power.

5. At what age was Alexander appointed Regent of Macedonia?
(a) Twenty-one.
(b) Ten.
(c) Twenty-four.
(d) Sixteen.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Alexander the Great born?

2. How did Alexander respond to Darius' settlement offer after Issus?

3. At what event was Philip assassinated?

4. How many years did Alexander study with Aristotle?

5. What was the name of Philip's fifth wife?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the major events of the battle of Granicus River.

2. Describe Alexander's sack of Thebes. What negotiations occurred (and failed) prior to the city's destruction?

3. How did Alexander's actions with the town of Lampsacus relate to his larger strategy in the Persian campaign?

4. Describe the diplomatic fallout in regards to Persia's capturing of Sidon in 345 BC.

5. Describe the battle of Chaeronea. Who won, and how?

6. Describe the final assault on Tyre. How was Alexander finally able to breach the city walls? And how did he handle the citizens therein?

7. Why did Alexander decide to wage war against Persia? And what steps did Alexander take to raise his army?

8. Describe Alexander's childhood growing up, prior to studying with Aristotle.

9. Who supported the Thebean uprising? What role did Darius of Persia have in the uprising?

10. What did Darius propose at Marathos after the battle of Issus? What was Alexander's response?

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