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Peter Green
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Antipater's chief rival when Alexander was alive?
(a) Aristotle.
(b) Olympias.
(c) Hephaestion.
(d) Philip.

2. In 331 BC, how did Alexander learn about Darius' plan to attack him at the Tigris River?
(a) Captured Persian scouts confessed as much.
(b) Alexander's own scouts reported Darius' troop movements.
(c) He claimed to have a visit from his father, Zeus.
(d) Darius' consort betrayed his plans to Alexander.

3. Persepolis was the burial place of whom?
(a) Achaemenid kings.
(b) Alexander's mother.
(c) Macedonian kings.
(d) Athenian senators.

4. What strategy did Alexander take in regards to Ambphi?
(a) He was nice and generous, as he needed their help.
(b) He recruited all the men of Ambphi into his army.
(c) He skipped the city over, for larger conquests.
(d) He crushed the city in a massacre.

5. What was the ratio of Persians to Macedonians at Gaugamela?
(a) Five to One.
(b) One to One.
(c) One-hundred to One.
(d) One to Five.

6. Why did Alexander ultimately stop his push eastward into Arabia?
(a) His mutinous troops forced him to stop.
(b) He was told by prophets that further movement would end in disaster.
(c) He became frightened, because legend told of an end to the world.
(d) He wished to settle down and raise a family with Roxanne.

7. Alexander never traveled further than what modern-day territory?
(a) East Egypt.
(b) West Turkey.
(c) East China.
(d) West Pakistan.

8. How many people did Alexander massacre at Massago?
(a) He entered Massago peacefully.
(b) Three hundred.
(c) Seven thousand.
(d) Forty thousand.

9. How did the ethnic makeup of Alexander's army change by the time he entered India?
(a) There were more Persians, and less Macedonians.
(b) There were more pureblood Greeks, and less mixed-breed slaves.
(c) There were more Macedonians, and less Persians.
(d) There were more Africans, and less Persians.

10. Alexander led his army to which country in the summer of 331 BC?
(a) Lebanon.
(b) Syria.
(c) Lepsis.
(d) Ionia.

11. Why did Alexander travel down the Ravi River in Chenab?
(a) As a sort of honeymoon trip with Roxanne.
(b) He was scouting with his advanced scouts.
(c) To convince his soldiers he was not dead.
(d) To escape hostile Indian troops.

12. What action did Alexander take in Opis in 324 BC in regards to his army?
(a) Alexander promoted many Persians to officers.
(b) Alexander demobilized older troops in favor of younger troops.
(c) Alexander recruited boys as young as ten to act as spies throughout his empire.
(d) Alexander killed hundreds of men as part of a purge.

13. What role did Alexander envision his Successors would have?
(a) They would battle to become king after he died.
(b) They would travel back to Athens to teach philosophy and science.
(c) They would be officers in his army.
(d) They would be mayors of the various cities he conquered.

14. By July 325 BC, Alexander had reached what territory?
(a) Macedonia.
(b) Pattala.
(c) Tyre.
(d) Hindu Kush.

15. What happened with the satrap Alexander appointed after Darius' death?
(a) The satrap murdered Parmenio and assumed a position as Alexander's right hand.
(b) The satrap revolted and Alexander had to quell the revolt.
(c) The satrap traveled to Persepolis to scrounge up any remaining gold from the treasury.
(d) The satrap traveled west to conquer any passed-over territories.

Short Answer Questions

1. In January 330 BC, Alexander traveled to which city?

2. After Persepolis, to what city did Alexander travel?

3. Alexander was seriously wounded in what Indian battle?

4. What was the general troop reaction to Alexander's execution of Parmenio?

5. What happened to Alexander in Oxus?

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