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Peter Green
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Alexander travel down the Ravi River in Chenab?
(a) As a sort of honeymoon trip with Roxanne.
(b) To escape hostile Indian troops.
(c) He was scouting with his advanced scouts.
(d) To convince his soldiers he was not dead.

2. What did Alexander do to initially confuse the Indian army at the Jhelum River?
(a) He let conflicting intelligence about his movements reach the Indian army leader.
(b) He made the Indian army leader believe the gods were against him.
(c) He showed only a portion of his army, and kept the majority of the army hidden from view.
(d) He paraded a group of elephants to show the Indian army leader he had an army of elephants.

3. After Persepolis, to what city did Alexander travel?
(a) Sparta.
(b) Ecbatana.
(c) Pella.
(d) Jhelum.

4. In the summer of 331 BC, where did Darius stage his army?
(a) Memphis.
(b) Alexandria.
(c) Pelusium.
(d) Cunaxa.

5. What was the attitude of Alexander's army after the battle of Gaugamela?
(a) Alexander had to kill dozens of mutinous soldiers.
(b) The army wished to strike for more pay.
(c) Many were completely willing to travel into the Indian subcontinent.
(d) Many wanted to return to Macedonia.

6. What was the ratio of Persians to Macedonians at Gaugamela?
(a) One-hundred to One.
(b) Five to One.
(c) One to Five.
(d) One to One.

7. How did Alexander respond to Darius' death?
(a) He abandoned his campaign further east, since he had accomplished his ultimate goal.
(b) He systematically burned all villages to which he came.
(c) He pretended that Darius was still alive for political reasons.
(d) He felt his only option was to present himself as Darius' choice for successor.

8. Alexander led his army to which country in the summer of 331 BC?
(a) Lebanon.
(b) Lepsis.
(c) Ionia.
(d) Syria.

9. Who appeared to Alexander in December 325 BC to inform him of the status of his fleet at Hormoz?
(a) Harpalus.
(b) Hephaestion.
(c) Oxyartes.
(d) Neorchus.

10. How did Alexander finance his campaign into the Indian subcontinent?
(a) By severely reducing the size of his army.
(b) By looting the royal treasury of Persepolis.
(c) By holding Darius for ransom.
(d) By levying a large tax on the Greek city-states.

11. What mistake did Bessus make in regards to Alexander's crossing of the Hindu Kush?
(a) Bessus believed Alexander would take a lower pass, but he did not.
(b) Bessus vastly underestimated the size of Alexander's army.
(c) Bessus did not think it would take Alexander so long to cross.
(d) Bessus believed his own troops were better-trained than Alexander's.

12. How did the ethnic makeup of Alexander's army change by the time he entered India?
(a) There were more Macedonians, and less Persians.
(b) There were more Persians, and less Macedonians.
(c) There were more pureblood Greeks, and less mixed-breed slaves.
(d) There were more Africans, and less Persians.

13. Who did Alexander marry in a ceremony at Susa?
(a) Seven wives, one for each of the local Indian satraps.
(b) Two wives, one the daughter of Darius.
(c) Three wives, one the daughter of Olympias.
(d) One wife, the daughter of Antipater.

14. After Massago, what action did Alexander take with his army?
(a) He executed the majority of his soldiers.
(b) He dismissed any man who did not believe in the mission.
(c) He paid them to marry Massago women.
(d) He split his army up.

15. What was the general troop reaction to Alexander's execution of Parmenio?
(a) A large level of distrust.
(b) More troops than ever were convinced Alexander was a god.
(c) Higher loyalty.
(d) Open revolt.

Short Answer Questions

1. At Chenab, what warning did a soothsayer have for Alexander?

2. How did Bessus die?

3. Why did Alexander encourage his men to marry in Persia?

4. What happened with Alexander and his troops at Chenab?

5. How long did it take for Alexander to cross the Hindu Kush?

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