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Peter Green
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In January 330 BC, Alexander traveled to which city?
(a) Persepolis.
(b) Babylon.
(c) Tyre.
(d) Pella.

2. What promise did Alexander make to the citizens of Babylon when entering the city?
(a) He promised to restore their god.
(b) He promised to exempt them from taxation.
(c) He promised to kill three men for every one man who resisted.
(d) He promised to restore Darius to the Persian throne.

3. Roxanne was the daughter to which baron?
(a) Kandahar.
(b) Nazibarzanes.
(c) Oxyartes.
(d) Spitamenas.

4. What did Alexander learn from a messenger on his way to Sousa?
(a) Sousa had already fallen to Philoxenus.
(b) Philoxenus had failed to capture Sousa, and was routed.
(c) Darius had regathered his forces there.
(d) His mother had fallen gravely ill.

5. What action did Alexander take in Opis in 324 BC in regards to his army?
(a) Alexander demobilized older troops in favor of younger troops.
(b) Alexander killed hundreds of men as part of a purge.
(c) Alexander promoted many Persians to officers.
(d) Alexander recruited boys as young as ten to act as spies throughout his empire.

6. What title was given to Alexander after the battle of Gaugamela?
(a) King of the Gaugamelites.
(b) King of the World.
(c) Lord of Asia.
(d) Pharaoh of Egypt.

7. At Chenab, what warning did a soothsayer have for Alexander?
(a) Alexander had fallen out of favor with the gods.
(b) Alexander may run out of money.
(c) Alexander may lose his sight.
(d) Alexander was in danger of losing his life.

8. What challenge did Alexander have to overcome at Jhelum River?
(a) The fact that most of his army abandoned him.
(b) A great heat wave.
(c) Extremely uncertain footing on the banks of the river.
(d) His enemy's formidable war elephants.

9. What did Antipater believe about Alexander's claims to divinity?
(a) Antipater believed Alexander was the evil spawn of Hades.
(b) Antipater believed any such claims were nonsense.
(c) Antipater believed Alexander was only a minor god.
(d) Antipater believed Alexander was the second coming of Zeus.

10. Who did Alexander marry while in India?
(a) Cleopatra.
(b) Xenia.
(c) Roxanne.
(d) Asiates.

11. In January 324 BC, Alexander left for which territory?
(a) Persepolis.
(b) Macedonia.
(c) Arabia.
(d) China.

12. Alexander led his army to which country in the summer of 331 BC?
(a) Ionia.
(b) Lebanon.
(c) Syria.
(d) Lepsis.

13. After Darius' death, whom did Alexander appoint as satrap?
(a) Parmenio.
(b) Satibarzanes.
(c) Bessus.
(d) Hephaestion.

14. In the summer of 331 BC, where did Darius stage his army?
(a) Pelusium.
(b) Cunaxa.
(c) Memphis.
(d) Alexandria.

15. How long did Alexander spend in Egypt in total?
(a) Fourteen months.
(b) Three days.
(c) Two years.
(d) Three months.

Short Answer Questions

1. What region did Antipater rule as Alexander's regent?

2. How did the ethnic makeup of Alexander's army change by the time he entered India?

3. What happened to Harpalus when Alexander initially purged his satraps?

4. Who apprehended Bessus?

5. In which month did the battle of Gaugamela take place?

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