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Peter Green
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who killed Amyntus and Caranus?
(a) Cleopatra.
(b) Philip.
(c) Olympias.
(d) Demosthenes.

2. What military strategy did Philip innovate in his battle with the Illyrians?
(a) Shields for the front line.
(b) A slanted infantry line.
(c) Ranged combat with archers.
(d) He used elephants in war for the first time.

3. How could Macedonia be characterized prior to Philip's rule?
(a) Weak and insignificant.
(b) Warlike and imperial.
(c) Mystical and feared.
(d) Peaceful and powerful.

4. In a settlement after Issus, Darius offered to cede lands west of which river?
(a) Halys.
(b) Black.
(c) Euphrates.
(d) Ionian.

5. How did Darius of Persia respond to the Thebes uprising of 335 BC?
(a) He did not support it, preferring to let the Greeks handle their own affairs.
(b) He supported it, because he was a staunch ally of Thebes.
(c) He did not support it, and tried to conquer the city himself.
(d) He supported it, knowing that it would stall Alexander from invading Persia.

6. What made Tyre difficult to capture?
(a) It was located on an island, and had walls on the shores.
(b) Its citizens were violent religious zealots.
(c) It received funding for warships from Demosthenes.
(d) Its army was exceedingly well trained.

7. In Persia's efforts to capture Sidon, whom did Philip support?
(a) The Athenians.
(b) The Egyptians.
(c) The Spartans.
(d) The Assyrians.

8. Which city refused to help Tyre in Alexander's siege?
(a) Sidon.
(b) Carthage.
(c) Pelium.
(d) Sparta.

9. What did Alexander and his army build in order to lay siege to Tyre?
(a) A monument to Zeus.
(b) A causeway.
(c) The first submarine.
(d) A Trojan horse.

10. What important battle took place in August 338?
(a) The battle of Jhelum River.
(b) The battle of Thebes.
(c) The battle of Chaeronaea.
(d) The battle of Peloponnesia.

11. What was the Macedonian infantry known as?
(a) The Foot Companions.
(b) Ground Quake.
(c) The Fighting Macedons.
(d) The Warrior Eagles.

12. What was the main weapon of the Macedonian infantry under King Philip?
(a) Javelin.
(b) Short sword.
(c) Sarissa.
(d) Double-bladed axe.

13. What city did Alexander have built after the battle of Granicus?
(a) Ephesus.
(b) New Smyrna.
(c) Memnon.
(d) Pamphylia.

14. What was Philip's opinion of his son's ambition?
(a) Philip recognized it and tried to sire an alternate heir to Alexander.
(b) Philip recognized it, and plotted with Olympias to kill Alexander.
(c) Philip did not recognize it, and Alexander seized power under his nose.
(d) Philip recognized it, but thought Alexander was no threat.

15. What acted as a restraint on the power wielded by the King of Macedon?
(a) He could be voted out by the Macedonian assembly.
(b) He could not engage in foreign policy decisions.
(c) He was not allowed to personally lead the army.
(d) His wives were chosen by the Macedonian assembly.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which BEST characterizes Olympias' relationship with Alexander?

2. Who assassinated Philip?

3. What is the technical military term for a slanted infantry line, such as the one used at the battle of Chaeronaea?

4. Which was NOT one of the types of troops Alexander included in his army that battled the Persians?

5. Where did Alexander begin his studies with Aristotle?

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