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Peter Green
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many troops did Alexander capture and enslave in the battle of Granicus River?
(a) Three hundred.
(b) Ten thousand.
(c) Two thousand.
(d) Eighty.

2. Which of the following did Alexander NOT do after the battle of Granicus?
(a) He kept existing city officials in place.
(b) He gained control of revenue in the province.
(c) He acquired Lydia.
(d) He acquired Ionia.

3. Where was Philip when Alexander first led the troops, quelling a rebellion?
(a) Involved in the Byzantine campaign.
(b) In Mieza.
(c) With Olympias in Egypt.
(d) By his side, overseeing the operation.

4. What action by Alexander contributed to the debt of Macedonia prior to the Persian campaign?
(a) Alexander had imported animals from all around the world for a zoo.
(b) Alexander had built a host of war machines at great cost.
(c) Alexander held a series of legendary and expensive feasts.
(d) Alexander had refused to tax the citizens.

5. What was NOT one of the actions Alexander took after his father was murdered?
(a) He personally murdered Cleopatra's baby and possible heir to the throne, Cananis.
(b) He maintained the overall principles of his father's administration.
(c) He had several of his political enemies murdered.
(d) He gave key positions to friends returned from exile.

6. What is the technical military term for a slanted infantry line, such as the one used at the battle of Chaeronaea?
(a) Robust.
(b) V-wing.
(c) Refused.
(d) Deferred.

7. How did Alexander respond to Darius' settlement offer after Issus?
(a) He signed the treaty, but later betrayed Darius by breaking the treaty.
(b) He rejected all terms, vowing to defeat Darius soundly in battle.
(c) He rejected the terms, but allowed Darius to retain his title of King of all Asia.
(d) He accepted the terms, ending his conquest of Persia.

8. What military strategy did Philip innovate in his battle with the Illyrians?
(a) Shields for the front line.
(b) He used elephants in war for the first time.
(c) A slanted infantry line.
(d) Ranged combat with archers.

9. How did the Persian empire prepare for a planned invasion of the Greek mainland around 334 BC?
(a) Darius fired Memnon in order to personally lead the troops.
(b) Memnon began capturing islands off the coast.
(c) Darius married Ada to force a political/military alliance.
(d) Memnon captured Athens to use as a base of operations.

10. Which city refused to help Tyre in Alexander's siege?
(a) Carthage.
(b) Pelium.
(c) Sidon.
(d) Sparta.

11. Which Persian king did Alexander oppose in his military campaign?
(a) Apollonius.
(b) Memnon.
(c) Xerxes.
(d) Darius.

12. During the uprising of 335 BC, on what condition did Alexander offer Thebes amnesty?
(a) He demanded all of the city's gold reserves.
(b) He demanded that all the men of Thebes be imprisoned.
(c) He demanded that the leaders of the revolt surrender.
(d) He demanded all religious iconography in the city to be destroyed.

13. What political deal did Alexander strike with queen Ada in Allinda?
(a) He exiled her, rather than executing her outright.
(b) He supported her in regaining her position in exchange for her naming him as her successor.
(c) He agreed to keep all of her city officials in place, in exchange for her naming him as her successor.
(d) He agreed to marry her, so that he might become the leader of Allinda.

14. What acted as a restraint on the power wielded by the King of Macedon?
(a) He could be voted out by the Macedonian assembly.
(b) He was not allowed to personally lead the army.
(c) His wives were chosen by the Macedonian assembly.
(d) He could not engage in foreign policy decisions.

15. At what age was Alexander appointed Regent of Macedonia?
(a) Twenty-four.
(b) Ten.
(c) Twenty-one.
(d) Sixteen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the first town to which Alexander came in the Persian campaign?

2. Mieza was known for what export?

3. In what year was Alexander the Great born?

4. What strategy did Philip use in 939 to defeat his enemy?

5. When King Philip met the Illyrians in battle, how many Illyrians did he kill, approximately?

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