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Peter Green
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What occurred in the siege of Halicarnassus?
(a) Alexander was triumphant, killing Memnon and ending his Persian campaign.
(b) The Persians took the city from Alexander, but Alexander had the city burned.
(c) The Persians were defeated, but they scored an important victory in destroying Alexander's naval power.
(d) Alexander took the city from the Persians, but the Persians set fire to most of the city.

2. Why was Philip interested in the region of Mt. Pangaeus?
(a) He wished to conquer the citizens there because of their disrespect.
(b) He wished to mine for gold and silver.
(c) He wished to establish a military fort there.
(d) He believed the legendary Fountain of Youth was located there.

3. What kind of military leader was King Philip?
(a) He did not keep much of an army during his reign.
(b) He was a procrastinator who did not insist on high standards.
(c) He relied heavily on improvisation and instinct.
(d) He was a strict disciplinarian.

4. Where was Alexander the Great born?
(a) Jhelum.
(b) Babylon.
(c) Athens.
(d) Pella.

5. How many years did Alexander study with Aristotle?
(a) Three.
(b) Fourteen.
(c) One.
(d) Eight.

6. Which is NOT one of the qualities Aristotle bestowed on young Alexander?
(a) Hedonistic view on life.
(b) Analytical mind.
(c) Scientific curiosity.
(d) Self-control.

7. What was Thebes' immediate reaction to Alexander assuming the Macedonian throne?
(a) They expelled Alexander's troops from the city.
(b) They kidnapped Alexander's mother Olympias.
(c) They openly accepted Alexander as their king.
(d) They tried to bribe members of the Macedonian assembly to depose Alexander.

8. Where did Darius offer a settlement to Alexander after the battle of Issus?
(a) Marathos.
(b) Sidon.
(c) Babylon.
(d) Tyre.

9. In the summer of 939, with what threat did Philip have to contend?
(a) The possibility that Olympias would have him murdered.
(b) The possibility of city states joining forces to invade Macedonia.
(c) A great famine which swept Macedonia.
(d) An insurrection on the part of the Macedonian assembly.

10. Which was NOT one of the types of troops Alexander included in his army that battled the Persians?
(a) Technicians.
(b) Scientists.
(c) Scholars.
(d) Animal handlers.

11. What strategy did Philip use in 939 to defeat his enemy?
(a) He used ballista for the first time in a battle.
(b) He forced a land war, as opposed to a war on the sea.
(c) He married a rival queen to forge peace.
(d) He forced a sea war, as opposed to a war on land.

12. What monument was built in response to events after the battle of Chaeronaea?
(a) The Great Library.
(b) The Hanging Gardens.
(c) The Alabaster Tower.
(d) The Philippians.

13. After Issus, Darius supplied the king of which territory with Persian ships?
(a) Athens.
(b) Sparta.
(c) Ionia.
(d) Thessaly.

14. Which of the following was NOT captured by Alexander at Damascus?
(a) The Persian royal treasure.
(b) Darius' bride Stateira.
(c) Relatives of Persian commanders.
(d) Ambassadors from Thebes and Sparta.

15. While in Gordium, what did Alexander take as a sign from Zeus to continue his campaign?
(a) A calf born with two heads.
(b) A thunderstorm.
(c) A hawk landing on a statue of Zeus.
(d) An earthquake.

Short Answer Questions

1. For his 336 BC to 335 BC military campaign, what kind of training did Alexander have his troops undergo?

2. In a settlement after Issus, Darius offered to cede lands west of which river?

3. What was the outcome of the Battle of Chaeronaea?

4. Who assassinated Philip?

5. Who killed Amyntus and Caranus?

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