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Peter Green
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who led the troops in an August 338 battle?
(a) Parmenio.
(b) Philip and Alexander.
(c) Philip only.
(d) Alexander only.

2. Why was Philip interested in the region of Mt. Pangaeus?
(a) He believed the legendary Fountain of Youth was located there.
(b) He wished to conquer the citizens there because of their disrespect.
(c) He wished to mine for gold and silver.
(d) He wished to establish a military fort there.

3. In what year was the battle of Pelium fought?
(a) 128 AD.
(b) 320 BC.
(c) 335 BC.
(d) 480 BC.

4. Where was Alexander the Great born?
(a) Jhelum.
(b) Pella.
(c) Babylon.
(d) Athens.

5. What political deal did Alexander strike with queen Ada in Allinda?
(a) He exiled her, rather than executing her outright.
(b) He agreed to marry her, so that he might become the leader of Allinda.
(c) He supported her in regaining her position in exchange for her naming him as her successor.
(d) He agreed to keep all of her city officials in place, in exchange for her naming him as her successor.

6. In Persia's efforts to capture Sidon, whom did Philip support?
(a) The Assyrians.
(b) The Egyptians.
(c) The Athenians.
(d) The Spartans.

7. How did Alexander deal with the Gordian Knot?
(a) He attached horses to either end and had them run in opposite directions.
(b) He cut it in half with a sword.
(c) He painstakingly unraveled it.
(d) He was unable to untie the knot, in the end.

8. What kind of military leader was King Philip?
(a) He did not keep much of an army during his reign.
(b) He was a procrastinator who did not insist on high standards.
(c) He relied heavily on improvisation and instinct.
(d) He was a strict disciplinarian.

9. Who was the mother of Alexander?
(a) Parmenia.
(b) Olympias.
(c) Theta.
(d) Ariadne.

10. What was Philip's stance on Panhellenism?
(a) He was raised to respect and embrace the movement.
(b) He tolerated it only if he could use it to his advantage.
(c) He hated the notion, and worked against it at every turn.
(d) He was indifferent, since the movement did not affect him.

11. In a settlement after Issus, Darius offered to cede lands west of which river?
(a) Black.
(b) Euphrates.
(c) Halys.
(d) Ionian.

12. Which BEST characterizes the environment in which Alexander as a child was brought up?
(a) A quiet life involving religious contemplation.
(b) A male-dominated world of feasts and professional soldiers.
(c) A female-dominated world of waiting women and artists.
(d) A peasant life of hard work in the fields.

13. Who assassinated Philip?
(a) A jealous former male lover.
(b) Antipater.
(c) Cleopatra.
(d) Parmenio.

14. Who financed the Thebes uprising of 335 BC?
(a) Parmenio.
(b) Demosthenes.
(c) Amnytas.
(d) Olympias.

15. What was Philip's opinion of his son's ambition?
(a) Philip recognized it and tried to sire an alternate heir to Alexander.
(b) Philip recognized it, but thought Alexander was no threat.
(c) Philip recognized it, and plotted with Olympias to kill Alexander.
(d) Philip did not recognize it, and Alexander seized power under his nose.

Short Answer Questions

1. What action did Alexander take in the Persian campaign in regards to the town of Lampsacus?

2. After the battle of Granicus, Alexander established a base in what location?

3. How did Alexander respond to Darius' settlement offer after Issus?

4. When did Alexander begin his war against the Persians?

5. Which commander opposed Alexander at the battle of Granicus River?

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