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Peter Green
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What military strategy did Philip innovate in his battle with the Illyrians?
(a) He used elephants in war for the first time.
(b) Ranged combat with archers.
(c) A slanted infantry line.
(d) Shields for the front line.

2. What did Alexander and his army build in order to lay siege to Tyre?
(a) A monument to Zeus.
(b) The first submarine.
(c) A Trojan horse.
(d) A causeway.

3. When King Philip met the Illyrians in battle, how many Illyrians did he kill, approximately?
(a) One Hundred.
(b) Nineteen thousand.
(c) Only a handful.
(d) Seven thousand.

4. Which BEST characterizes the environment in which Alexander as a child was brought up?
(a) A quiet life involving religious contemplation.
(b) A male-dominated world of feasts and professional soldiers.
(c) A female-dominated world of waiting women and artists.
(d) A peasant life of hard work in the fields.

5. Who did Alexander send to Damascus for the Persian royal treasure?
(a) Ada.
(b) Memnon.
(c) Parmenio.
(d) Hephaestion.

6. Which BEST characterizes Olympias' relationship with Alexander?
(a) She envied and hated Alexander.
(b) The two were very close.
(c) She never knew Alexander.
(d) She feared him and felt terrorized by him.

7. What was Philip's stance on Panhellenism?
(a) He tolerated it only if he could use it to his advantage.
(b) He was raised to respect and embrace the movement.
(c) He hated the notion, and worked against it at every turn.
(d) He was indifferent, since the movement did not affect him.

8. What was NOT one of the actions Alexander took after his father was murdered?
(a) He gave key positions to friends returned from exile.
(b) He personally murdered Cleopatra's baby and possible heir to the throne, Cananis.
(c) He had several of his political enemies murdered.
(d) He maintained the overall principles of his father's administration.

9. Which of the following did Alexander NOT do after the battle of Granicus?
(a) He kept existing city officials in place.
(b) He acquired Lydia.
(c) He gained control of revenue in the province.
(d) He acquired Ionia.

10. What was different between the way Alexander handled Miletus versus Thebes?
(a) Unlike Thebes, Alexander spared the people of Miletus.
(b) Unlike Thebes, Alexander skipped Miletus over and did not enter it.
(c) Unlike Miletus, Alexander spared the people of Thebes.
(d) Unlike Miletus, Alexander skipped Thebes over and did not enter it.

11. What made Tyre difficult to capture?
(a) It was located on an island, and had walls on the shores.
(b) Its army was exceedingly well trained.
(c) It received funding for warships from Demosthenes.
(d) Its citizens were violent religious zealots.

12. How could Macedonia be characterized prior to Philip's rule?
(a) Mystical and feared.
(b) Warlike and imperial.
(c) Peaceful and powerful.
(d) Weak and insignificant.

13. Which of the following was NOT captured by Alexander at Damascus?
(a) Relatives of Persian commanders.
(b) The Persian royal treasure.
(c) Darius' bride Stateira.
(d) Ambassadors from Thebes and Sparta.

14. After Issus, Darius supplied the king of which territory with Persian ships?
(a) Athens.
(b) Ionia.
(c) Thessaly.
(d) Sparta.

15. Who financed the Thebes uprising of 335 BC?
(a) Demosthenes.
(b) Olympias.
(c) Amnytas.
(d) Parmenio.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following BEST describes the final strategy Alexander used to enter Tyre?

2. For his 336 BC to 335 BC military campaign, what kind of training did Alexander have his troops undergo?

3. What is the technical military term for a slanted infantry line, such as the one used at the battle of Chaeronaea?

4. In which year did the Persians capture Sidon from the Greeks?

5. Which Persian king did Alexander oppose in his military campaign?

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