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Peter Green
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Thebes' immediate reaction to Alexander assuming the Macedonian throne?
(a) They tried to bribe members of the Macedonian assembly to depose Alexander.
(b) They openly accepted Alexander as their king.
(c) They expelled Alexander's troops from the city.
(d) They kidnapped Alexander's mother Olympias.

2. Who assassinated Philip?
(a) Cleopatra.
(b) Parmenio.
(c) Antipater.
(d) A jealous former male lover.

3. During the uprising of 335 BC, on what condition did Alexander offer Thebes amnesty?
(a) He demanded that all the men of Thebes be imprisoned.
(b) He demanded that the leaders of the revolt surrender.
(c) He demanded all of the city's gold reserves.
(d) He demanded all religious iconography in the city to be destroyed.

4. What action did Alexander take before and after crossing the Dardanelles River in the Persian campaign?
(a) He murdered townspeople on either side of the river.
(b) He built altars to the gods.
(c) He ritualistically bathed the entire army.
(d) He burned all the crops on the shores of the river.

5. Where was Alexander the Great born?
(a) Babylon.
(b) Athens.
(c) Pella.
(d) Jhelum.

6. What was the Macedonian infantry known as?
(a) The Warrior Eagles.
(b) Ground Quake.
(c) The Foot Companions.
(d) The Fighting Macedons.

7. What action did Alexander take in the Persian campaign in regards to the town of Lampsacus?
(a) He took money from the town in order to leave it alone.
(b) He sold all of the town's men into slavery.
(c) He hired many mercenaries from the town.
(d) He razed the town to the ground.

8. What was different between the way Alexander handled Miletus versus Thebes?
(a) Unlike Miletus, Alexander skipped Thebes over and did not enter it.
(b) Unlike Thebes, Alexander spared the people of Miletus.
(c) Unlike Miletus, Alexander spared the people of Thebes.
(d) Unlike Thebes, Alexander skipped Miletus over and did not enter it.

9. Which of the following BEST describes the final strategy Alexander used to enter Tyre?
(a) He forced Tyrian ships to a north harbor, and breached the city wall from the south.
(b) He used the front of a ship as a battering ram.
(c) He starved its citizens into submission.
(d) He cast dead bodies over the walls, spreading contagion and forcing surrender.

10. Which city refused to help Tyre in Alexander's siege?
(a) Sparta.
(b) Pelium.
(c) Sidon.
(d) Carthage.

11. In 335 BC, who commanded Persian military forces?
(a) Memnon of Rhodes.
(b) Demosthenes.
(c) Xerxes I.
(d) Parmenio.

12. What important battle took place in August 338?
(a) The battle of Peloponnesia.
(b) The battle of Jhelum River.
(c) The battle of Chaeronaea.
(d) The battle of Thebes.

13. Which BEST characterizes Olympias' relationship with Alexander?
(a) She feared him and felt terrorized by him.
(b) She never knew Alexander.
(c) The two were very close.
(d) She envied and hated Alexander.

14. What was the main weapon of the Macedonian infantry under King Philip?
(a) Double-bladed axe.
(b) Sarissa.
(c) Short sword.
(d) Javelin.

15. What monument was built in response to events after the battle of Chaeronaea?
(a) The Great Library.
(b) The Alabaster Tower.
(c) The Philippians.
(d) The Hanging Gardens.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many years did Alexander study with Aristotle?

2. What was NOT one of the actions Alexander took after his father was murdered?

3. What did Alexander and his army build in order to lay siege to Tyre?

4. Where did Alexander begin his studies with Aristotle?

5. Who did Alexander send to Damascus for the Persian royal treasure?

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