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Peter Green
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, pgs. 379-412.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What occurred in the siege of Halicarnassus?
(a) Alexander took the city from the Persians, but the Persians set fire to most of the city.
(b) The Persians were defeated, but they scored an important victory in destroying Alexander's naval power.
(c) Alexander was triumphant, killing Memnon and ending his Persian campaign.
(d) The Persians took the city from Alexander, but Alexander had the city burned.

2. How did Darius of Persia respond to the Thebes uprising of 335 BC?
(a) He supported it, knowing that it would stall Alexander from invading Persia.
(b) He did not support it, preferring to let the Greeks handle their own affairs.
(c) He supported it, because he was a staunch ally of Thebes.
(d) He did not support it, and tried to conquer the city himself.

3. What regions was Macedonia divided into prior to Alexander's birth?
(a) Jungle Macedonia and Desert Macedonia.
(b) Eastern Macedonia and Western Macedonia.
(c) North, East, South, and West Macedonia.
(d) Upper Macedonia and Lower Macedonia.

4. What did Alexander learn from a messenger on his way to Sousa?
(a) Sousa had already fallen to Philoxenus.
(b) His mother had fallen gravely ill.
(c) Philoxenus had failed to capture Sousa, and was routed.
(d) Darius had regathered his forces there.

5. After Persepolis, to what city did Alexander travel?
(a) Sparta.
(b) Ecbatana.
(c) Pella.
(d) Jhelum.

Short Answer Questions

1. In response to learning that Philip supported the Persians, what did the Greeks do?

2. When did Alexander begin his war against the Persians?

3. How could Macedonia be characterized prior to Philip's rule?

4. While sieging Tyre, Alexander traveled to which city for reinforcements and his warships?

5. What military strategy did Philip innovate in his battle with the Illyrians?

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