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Peter Green
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, pgs. 379-412.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Alexander do to initially confuse the Indian army at the Jhelum River?
(a) He showed only a portion of his army, and kept the majority of the army hidden from view.
(b) He made the Indian army leader believe the gods were against him.
(c) He paraded a group of elephants to show the Indian army leader he had an army of elephants.
(d) He let conflicting intelligence about his movements reach the Indian army leader.

2. When King Philip met the Illyrians in battle, how many Illyrians did he kill, approximately?
(a) Nineteen thousand.
(b) One Hundred.
(c) Seven thousand.
(d) Only a handful.

3. In what year was the battle of Pelium fought?
(a) 335 BC.
(b) 320 BC.
(c) 480 BC.
(d) 128 AD.

4. What mistake did Bessus make in regards to Alexander's crossing of the Hindu Kush?
(a) Bessus believed his own troops were better-trained than Alexander's.
(b) Bessus did not think it would take Alexander so long to cross.
(c) Bessus vastly underestimated the size of Alexander's army.
(d) Bessus believed Alexander would take a lower pass, but he did not.

5. What was Thebes' immediate reaction to Alexander assuming the Macedonian throne?
(a) They kidnapped Alexander's mother Olympias.
(b) They expelled Alexander's troops from the city.
(c) They tried to bribe members of the Macedonian assembly to depose Alexander.
(d) They openly accepted Alexander as their king.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the sea east of the Greek mainland?

2. What upset Alexander about his time in the Bactria area?

3. For his 336 BC to 335 BC military campaign, what kind of training did Alexander have his troops undergo?

4. After Darius was deposed, what title was bestowed upon Bessus?

5. What strategy did Alexander use to defeat the Indian army?

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