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Peter Green
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the ultimate result of the uprising of Thebes in 335 BC?
(a) Thebes' citizens were massacred and the city was burned to the ground.
(b) The city was burned to the ground, but Alexander spared all its citizens.
(c) Thebes' brokered a peace and became part of Alexander's kingdom.
(d) Thebes' citizens were massacred, but the city was left as a fortress.

2. During the uprising of 335 BC, on what condition did Thebes offer its surrender?
(a) City leaders demanded that their women survive unharmed.
(b) City leaders demanded the surrender of two of Alexander's military leaders.
(c) City leaders demanded that Alexander conquer their enemy, Thrace.
(d) City leaders demanded Alexander relinquish the Macedonian crown.

3. What was the first town to which Alexander came in the Persian campaign?
(a) Lampsacus.
(b) Granicus.
(c) Pelium.
(d) Gordium.

4. What was Philip's opinion of his son's ambition?
(a) Philip did not recognize it, and Alexander seized power under his nose.
(b) Philip recognized it, but thought Alexander was no threat.
(c) Philip recognized it, and plotted with Olympias to kill Alexander.
(d) Philip recognized it and tried to sire an alternate heir to Alexander.

5. What was NOT one of the actions Alexander took after his father was murdered?
(a) He had several of his political enemies murdered.
(b) He maintained the overall principles of his father's administration.
(c) He gave key positions to friends returned from exile.
(d) He personally murdered Cleopatra's baby and possible heir to the throne, Cananis.

Short Answer Questions

1. In response to learning that Philip supported the Persians, what did the Greeks do?

2. What was the name of Philip's fifth wife?

3. How could Macedonia be characterized prior to Philip's rule?

4. In which year did the Persians capture Sidon from the Greeks?

5. In Persia's efforts to capture Sidon, whom did Philip support?

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