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Peter Green
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, pg. 270-298.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the uprising of 335 BC, on what condition did Thebes offer its surrender?
(a) City leaders demanded the surrender of two of Alexander's military leaders.
(b) City leaders demanded that Alexander conquer their enemy, Thrace.
(c) City leaders demanded Alexander relinquish the Macedonian crown.
(d) City leaders demanded that their women survive unharmed.

2. What promise did Alexander make to the citizens of Babylon when entering the city?
(a) He promised to restore Darius to the Persian throne.
(b) He promised to restore their god.
(c) He promised to kill three men for every one man who resisted.
(d) He promised to exempt them from taxation.

3. What action did Alexander take before and after crossing the Dardanelles River in the Persian campaign?
(a) He ritualistically bathed the entire army.
(b) He built altars to the gods.
(c) He burned all the crops on the shores of the river.
(d) He murdered townspeople on either side of the river.

4. What was NOT one of the actions Alexander took after his father was murdered?
(a) He personally murdered Cleopatra's baby and possible heir to the throne, Cananis.
(b) He gave key positions to friends returned from exile.
(c) He had several of his political enemies murdered.
(d) He maintained the overall principles of his father's administration.

5. What title was given to Alexander after the battle of Gaugamela?
(a) Lord of Asia.
(b) King of the Gaugamelites.
(c) Pharaoh of Egypt.
(d) King of the World.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following BEST describes the final strategy Alexander used to enter Tyre?

2. Which of the following statements is true of Alexander as a boy?

3. What did Alexander learn from a messenger on his way to Sousa?

4. Which is NOT one of the qualities Aristotle bestowed on young Alexander?

5. Mieza was known for what export?

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