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Pat Frank
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Randy do after returning home with the decoy truck?
(a) goes to Sam Hazzard's
(b) asks Helen to move out
(c) asks Lib to marry him
(d) punishes Ben for not obeying his mother

2. What happens to Dan when he tries to keep his medical bag?
(a) his hand is broken
(b) he is beaten unconscious
(c) he is shot
(d) nothing

3. What does Randy buy from Pete Hernandez for two hundred dollars?
(a) twenty pounds of salt
(b) a hundred candles
(c) four hams
(d) five jars of jam

4. What does Helen find three days after the Day?
(a) the freezer is no longer cold
(b) an old bow with arrows
(c) a source of fresh vegetables
(d) Peyton can see again

5. When do the highwaymen hit their victims?
(a) during the day
(b) at night
(c) at dawn
(d) at dusk

6. Why is Peyton upset?
(a) she has to go to school
(b) there's no candy left in town
(c) Ben won't let her hunt
(d) her father hasn't come back yet

7. From where did they get candy for the children in Chapter 10?
(a) from the grocery store
(b) from Admiral Hazzard
(c) from Jim Hickey
(d) from Caleb

8. What does Dan decide to use for anesthesia?
(a) poppy seeds
(b) hypnosis
(c) whiskey
(d) marijuana

9. Why did the mayor barricade himself in at home while Randy arranged something for Porky?
(a) he was afraid of dead bodies
(b) he was worried he'd get sick
(c) he didn't want to be a pall bearer
(d) he was afraid of the crowds

10. Who does Randy invite to move into his house?
(a) Florence and Alice
(b) Preacher Henry
(c) Pete and Rita Hernandez
(d) Lib and Bill McGovern

11. Who gets Dan to stop on the way home from seeing the children?
(a) two children
(b) a hit dog
(c) a woman on the side of the road
(d) two armed men

12. Who do they find dead in bed with a case of jewelry?
(a) Porky Logan
(b) Rita Hernandez
(c) Bill Cullen
(d) Pete Hernandez

13. What destroys power service to Timucuan County?
(a) nuclear blast in Atlanta
(b) nuclear blast in Miami
(c) nuclear blast in Omaha
(d) nuclear blast in Orlando

14. What does Randy wear to his wedding?
(a) shorts and T-shirt
(b) a tuxedo
(c) his uniform
(d) a white suit

15. What does Randy decide about the Henrys' hens?
(a) he has nothing to say about the hens
(b) they need to be locked up
(c) they must be guarded
(d) they should be killed for the meat

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Dan say the fish haven't been poisoned by radiation?

2. Where does Randy go to find a truck decoy for getting the highwaymen?

3. Why does Ben need surgery?

4. What happened to Jim Hickey?

5. Who was shot during the battle with the highwaymen?

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