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Pat Frank
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From where did they get candy for the children in Chapter 10?
(a) from Admiral Hazzard
(b) from Jim Hickey
(c) from the grocery store
(d) from Caleb

2. What does Randy wear to his wedding?
(a) a tuxedo
(b) his uniform
(c) a white suit
(d) shorts and T-shirt

3. What was wrong with the children Dan went to treat?
(a) chicken pox
(b) whooping cough
(c) typhoid
(d) measles

4. What does Randy buy from Pete Hernandez for two hundred dollars?
(a) a hundred candles
(b) four hams
(c) twenty pounds of salt
(d) five jars of jam

5. What has become a popular entertainment in Ft. Repose since the day?
(a) board games
(b) playing poker
(c) horseshoes
(d) reading at the library

6. Who is the acting Chief Executive of the United States?
(a) Mr. Patterson
(b) Mr. Stephenfield
(c) Mrs. Vanbruuker-Brown
(d) Mrs. Gardner

7. Who does Peyton ask about fishing?
(a) Preacher Henry
(b) Bill McGovern
(c) Admiral Hazzard
(d) Caleb

8. Who does Randy invite to move into his house?
(a) Florence and Alice
(b) Preacher Henry
(c) Lib and Bill McGovern
(d) Pete and Rita Hernandez

9. Where did Dan stop to look for notices of sick people?
(a) his old office
(b) the hardware store
(c) the drugstore
(d) the Bandstand

10. What happened to the Admiral's radio?
(a) someone stole it
(b) nothing
(c) a tube burned out
(d) it fell in the water

11. What two essential services were lost from the power failure?
(a) automobiles and trains
(b) planes and telephones
(c) television and radio
(d) loss of heat and running water

12. Who gets Dan to stop on the way home from seeing the children?
(a) a woman on the side of the road
(b) two children
(c) two armed men
(d) a hit dog

13. Who has been stealing the Henrs' chickens?
(a) two hound dogs
(b) a wolve
(c) a German shepherd
(d) a fox

14. What month seems to be one with plenty of food?
(a) March
(b) June
(c) November
(d) December

15. Where does Randy get a case of Mason jars?
(a) Beck's hardware
(b) at an antique store
(c) the A & P store
(d) the drugstore

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened at Dan's office?

2. What is starting to run out in Ft. Repose in August?

3. What destroys power service to Timucuan County?

4. How do the Henrys think they are losing hens?

5. What does Dan decide to use for anesthesia?

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