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Pat Frank
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Randy do after returning home with the decoy truck?
(a) asks Helen to move out
(b) goes to Sam Hazzard's
(c) punishes Ben for not obeying his mother
(d) asks Lib to marry him

2. What happened to the Admiral's radio?
(a) a tube burned out
(b) someone stole it
(c) nothing
(d) it fell in the water

3. What type of illness in town has Dan worried?
(a) radiation poisoning
(b) rabies
(c) cholera
(d) typhoid

4. What does Dan decide to use for anesthesia?
(a) hypnosis
(b) whiskey
(c) poppy seeds
(d) marijuana

5. What color is Dan's beard?
(a) dark brown
(b) pitch black
(c) white
(d) flaming red

6. What is Randy worried about when he sits down to a surprise dinner?
(a) Dan hasn't returned
(b) Ben is still at the Henry's
(c) Helen is having a nervous breakdown
(d) Lib is leaving him

7. What is starting to run out in Ft. Repose in August?
(a) whiskey
(b) toothpaste
(c) toliet paper
(d) salt

8. On what day do Lib and Randy marry?
(a) Easter Sunday
(b) Christmas
(c) Memorial Day
(d) first day of summer

9. Who does Randy think was in south Florida on the day and came back sick?
(a) Pete Hernandez
(b) Lavinia McGovern
(c) Porky Logan
(d) Rita

10. What happened at Dan's office?
(a) it was overrun with patients
(b) it was burned down
(c) Dan doesn't have an office?
(d) it was broken into by drug addicts

11. With what does Randy shave?
(a) his razor
(b) a bread knife
(c) his hunting knife
(d) his pen knife

12. Where does Randy get a case of Mason jars?
(a) the drugstore
(b) the A & P store
(c) at an antique store
(d) Beck's hardware

13. How does Randy plan to get drinking water for his house?
(a) from artesian well irrigation water
(b) from the river
(c) he hasn't figured it out yet
(d) out of an old windmill

14. What will Randy be driving when he goes after the highwaymen?
(a) an Brink's armored truck
(b) his Bonneville
(c) a tank
(d) a grocery truck

15. Why is Peyton upset?
(a) Ben won't let her hunt
(b) she has to go to school
(c) her father hasn't come back yet
(d) there's no candy left in town

Short Answer Questions

1. Who left a note his children were sick?

2. What is Randy dreaming about as he wakes at the beginning of Chapter 10?

3. Who does Randy invite to move into his house?

4. Who is the acting Chief Executive of the United States?

5. Where does Randy go to find a truck decoy for getting the highwaymen?

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