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Pat Frank
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Bill want Randy's lawn roller?
(a) to make bricks
(b) to hunt for snakes
(c) to smooth out the road
(d) for a corn mill

2. Where does the car behind Randy herd them?
(a) to the ocean
(b) to a blocked bridge
(c) to Jim Hickey's house
(d) to the forest

3. What does Randy do with the highwayman who was taken prisoner?
(a) turns him over to the Henrys
(b) puts him in jail
(c) hangs him
(d) shoots him

4. How does Dan keep gas in his car?
(a) barters medical services
(b) steals it
(c) gets it from a secret resevoir
(d) his car no longer runs

5. What destroys power service to Timucuan County?
(a) nuclear blast in Omaha
(b) nuclear blast in Atlanta
(c) nuclear blast in Orlando
(d) nuclear blast in Miami

6. What is Randy worried about when he sits down to a surprise dinner?
(a) Lib is leaving him
(b) Ben is still at the Henry's
(c) Dan hasn't returned
(d) Helen is having a nervous breakdown

7. Why does Randy decide to go over to the Admiral's after dinner?
(a) to get sworn in as a peace officer
(b) to listen to the radio
(c) to see if Dan is there
(d) to take Lib for a walk

8. What will Randy be driving when he goes after the highwaymen?
(a) a grocery truck
(b) his Bonneville
(c) an Brink's armored truck
(d) a tank

9. What does Randy tell Ben about his father?
(a) he will be coming back soon
(b) he is most likely dead
(c) he is with the Chief Executive
(d) he is still in the hole at Omaha

10. Why does Dan think Jim had a bad brood of bees?
(a) not enough flowers
(b) radiation
(c) too much sun
(d) not enough sun

11. Who was shot during the battle with the highwaymen?
(a) Randy
(b) Bill McGovern
(c) Sam Hazzard
(d) Malachai

12. When do the highwaymen hit their victims?
(a) at night
(b) at dusk
(c) during the day
(d) at dawn

13. Why does Dan say the fish haven't been poisoned by radiation?
(a) fish aren't affected by radiation
(b) he doesn't say that
(c) there's no dead ones in the river
(d) it's too far north

14. What color is Dan's beard?
(a) flaming red
(b) dark brown
(c) pitch black
(d) white

15. Who does Peyton ask about fishing?
(a) Admiral Hazzard
(b) Bill McGovern
(c) Caleb
(d) Preacher Henry

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Peyton find that lifts everyone's spirits?

2. What happened to the Admiral's radio?

3. What does Randy decide about the Henrys' hens?

4. What has happened to a lot of the parked cars in Ft. Repose?

5. What was wrong with the children Dan went to treat?

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