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Pat Frank
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dan keep gas in his car?
(a) barters medical services
(b) steals it
(c) his car no longer runs
(d) gets it from a secret resevoir

2. What two essential services were lost from the power failure?
(a) television and radio
(b) loss of heat and running water
(c) automobiles and trains
(d) planes and telephones

3. What does the Acting President announce on the radio?
(a) that the war is over
(b) that food and medicine will be brought into the area
(c) that the war is still going on
(d) that Reserve Officers have her authority

4. Who does Randy invite to move into his house?
(a) Preacher Henry
(b) Lib and Bill McGovern
(c) Florence and Alice
(d) Pete and Rita Hernandez

5. What happened to the Admiral's radio?
(a) someone stole it
(b) nothing
(c) it fell in the water
(d) a tube burned out

6. What did Dan follow when going home after his car was taken?
(a) the setting sun
(b) his tire marks
(c) Graf
(d) the road signs

7. What happened to Jim Hickey?
(a) he was killed by robbers
(b) he disappeared
(c) his son died
(d) his wife left him

8. What is starting to run out in Ft. Repose in August?
(a) toothpaste
(b) salt
(c) whiskey
(d) toliet paper

9. For what does Two-Tone ask Randy?
(a) some knifes
(b) some fishing supplies
(c) to make corn whiskey
(d) some ammunition

10. Who does Randy plan to ask about a military operation?
(a) Preacher Henry
(b) Sam Hazzard
(c) Bill McGovern
(d) Helen

11. What month seems to be one with plenty of food?
(a) March
(b) June
(c) December
(d) November

12. Why is Peyton upset?
(a) there's no candy left in town
(b) Ben won't let her hunt
(c) she has to go to school
(d) her father hasn't come back yet

13. What has become a popular entertainment in Ft. Repose since the day?
(a) horseshoes
(b) playing poker
(c) reading at the library
(d) board games

14. How was Porky Logan buried?
(a) taken out to sea
(b) in a lead lined casket
(c) he was creamated
(d) he was taken to the radioactive zone

15. Although Randy does not miss whiskey in the morning, what does he miss?
(a) toast
(b) eggs
(c) coffee
(d) bacon

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Dan stop to look for notices of sick people?

2. What does Randy wear to his wedding?

3. Why does Randy decide to go over to the Admiral's after dinner?

4. What was wrong with the children Dan went to treat?

5. What type of illness in town has Dan worried?

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