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Pat Frank
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From where did they get candy for the children in Chapter 10?
(a) from Caleb
(b) from Jim Hickey
(c) from the grocery store
(d) from Admiral Hazzard

2. What did Dan follow when going home after his car was taken?
(a) the setting sun
(b) the road signs
(c) Graf
(d) his tire marks

3. What type of illness in town has Dan worried?
(a) typhoid
(b) radiation poisoning
(c) cholera
(d) rabies

4. Who does Randy plan to ask about a military operation?
(a) Helen
(b) Bill McGovern
(c) Sam Hazzard
(d) Preacher Henry

5. What does Helen find three days after the Day?
(a) an old bow with arrows
(b) a source of fresh vegetables
(c) the freezer is no longer cold
(d) Peyton can see again

6. What happens to Dan when he tries to keep his medical bag?
(a) his hand is broken
(b) nothing
(c) he is beaten unconscious
(d) he is shot

7. Who does Randy invite to move into his house?
(a) Pete and Rita Hernandez
(b) Lib and Bill McGovern
(c) Preacher Henry
(d) Florence and Alice

8. What will Randy be driving when he goes after the highwaymen?
(a) his Bonneville
(b) an Brink's armored truck
(c) a grocery truck
(d) a tank

9. What kind of business does Bill Cullen have?
(a) fish camp, cafe and bar
(b) a gas station
(c) a shoe store
(d) a book store

10. How does Dan keep gas in his car?
(a) gets it from a secret resevoir
(b) steals it
(c) his car no longer runs
(d) barters medical services

11. How was Porky Logan buried?
(a) taken out to sea
(b) he was taken to the radioactive zone
(c) in a lead lined casket
(d) he was creamated

12. Why does Dan say the fish haven't been poisoned by radiation?
(a) there's no dead ones in the river
(b) it's too far north
(c) fish aren't affected by radiation
(d) he doesn't say that

13. What does Randy see when the highwaymen stop him?
(a) Dan's model A
(b) a downed tree
(c) Jim's jeep
(d) a large boulder in the road

14. On what day do Lib and Randy marry?
(a) Christmas
(b) first day of summer
(c) Memorial Day
(d) Easter Sunday

15. What does Randy wear to his wedding?
(a) a tuxedo
(b) shorts and T-shirt
(c) his uniform
(d) a white suit

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Peyton find that lifts everyone's spirits?

2. Who left a note his children were sick?

3. How do the Henrys think they are losing hens?

4. What color is Dan's beard?

5. What is starting to run out in Ft. Repose in August?

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