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Pat Frank
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Randy decide to go over to the Admiral's after dinner?
(a) to listen to the radio
(b) to see if Dan is there
(c) to get sworn in as a peace officer
(d) to take Lib for a walk

2. Who was shot during the battle with the highwaymen?
(a) Sam Hazzard
(b) Malachai
(c) Randy
(d) Bill McGovern

3. What does Randy take to town to barter for coffee?
(a) some ammunition
(b) a dozen eggs
(c) three loafs of bread
(d) a bottle of Scotch

4. What has happened to a lot of the parked cars in Ft. Repose?
(a) they've been stripped of their tires
(b) they've been vandalized
(c) they have had their gas tanks drained
(d) nothing has happened to them

5. What does Dan tell the group when he comes home?
(a) his car broke down
(b) he's seeing a woman
(c) he was attacked and robbed by highwaymen
(d) he got lost on the way home

6. Who does Randy plan to ask about a military operation?
(a) Preacher Henry
(b) Bill McGovern
(c) Sam Hazzard
(d) Helen

7. With what does Randy shave?
(a) his hunting knife
(b) his pen knife
(c) a bread knife
(d) his razor

8. What does Randy do with the highwayman who was taken prisoner?
(a) hangs him
(b) turns him over to the Henrys
(c) shoots him
(d) puts him in jail

9. What kind of business does Bill Cullen have?
(a) fish camp, cafe and bar
(b) a shoe store
(c) a book store
(d) a gas station

10. What destroys power service to Timucuan County?
(a) nuclear blast in Miami
(b) nuclear blast in Orlando
(c) nuclear blast in Omaha
(d) nuclear blast in Atlanta

11. Who does Randy think was in south Florida on the day and came back sick?
(a) Pete Hernandez
(b) Porky Logan
(c) Lavinia McGovern
(d) Rita

12. Why is Peyton upset?
(a) there's no candy left in town
(b) Ben won't let her hunt
(c) she has to go to school
(d) her father hasn't come back yet

13. What does Randy do after returning home with the decoy truck?
(a) asks Helen to move out
(b) asks Lib to marry him
(c) goes to Sam Hazzard's
(d) punishes Ben for not obeying his mother

14. What has become a popular entertainment in Ft. Repose since the day?
(a) playing poker
(b) board games
(c) horseshoes
(d) reading at the library

15. Who does Peyton ask about fishing?
(a) Admiral Hazzard
(b) Caleb
(c) Preacher Henry
(d) Bill McGovern

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bill want Randy's lawn roller?

2. What happened to the Admiral's radio?

3. How does Randy plan to get drinking water for his house?

4. Who marries Lib and Randy?

5. What happened at Dan's office?

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