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Pat Frank
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Helen ask Randy about Offutt Field?
(a) if he thinks Mark was there
(b) if he thinks it wasn't hit
(c) if the acting president might be there
(d) if he thinks that's the new capitol

2. Who is Sir Percy?
(a) a yellow cat
(b) a poodle
(c) a canary
(d) a parrot

3. Why does the power suddenly go out in Ft. Repose?
(a) Jacksonville being bombed
(b) Daytona being flooded by a tidal wave
(c) Orlando being bombed
(d) Pensacola being bombed

4. What does Mark give Randy before saying good-bye?
(a) a hug
(b) a check to cash
(c) a copy of his Bible
(d) a warning to get prepared

5. How do Lib's parents feel about Randy?
(a) they love him like a son
(b) they don't like him
(c) they think he's great
(d) they think he's okay

6. Who does Randy call because of Peyton?
(a) Alice
(b) Dan Gunn
(c) Edgar
(d) Florence

7. Who were Randy's parents?
(a) Mildred and Daniel
(b) Gertrude and Judge Bragg
(c) he doesn't know who his parents are
(d) Gertrude and Bill Houston

8. Where is Lavinia when Randy arrives at the McGoverns' house after the Day?
(a) sitting on the front porch
(b) in the garden
(c) medicated in bed
(d) on the lake

9. What does Randy's friend, Dan, say about him drinking for breakfast?
(a) it's unhealthy
(b) it will keep him from becoming an alcoholic
(c) it's good for him
(d) it leads to a long life

10. What is the red baby?
(a) the red alert flag
(b) a red sunrise
(c) the sunset when the air is dusty
(d) a bomb carrier that guides itself to a target.

11. How many supermarket carts does Randy fill?
(a) one
(b) three
(c) five
(d) two

12. What does Randy take with him when he goes to town in Chapter 4?
(a) his family book of history
(b) extra gas cans
(c) his dog
(d) nothing

13. Why does Randy stop at Bill Cullen's?
(a) to order some flowers for Helen
(b) to get some drugs
(c) to buy bourbon and scotch
(d) to get a lottery ticket

14. Where do Syrian tanks go near the beginning of the book?
(a) across the Jordan border
(b) into Egypt
(c) into Iraq
(d) into Israel

15. What does Randy tell Helen and the children when they join him outside?
(a) that it has started
(b) their father called
(c) the children need to go to school
(d) they need to wait and see

Short Answer Questions

1. What does "Alas, Babylon" mean to Randy?

2. What does Paul say about the personnel at McCoy?

3. Where does Randy see lines of cars as he drives into town?

4. What does Randy find out about the planes at McCoy?

5. How many residents does Ft. Repose have?

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