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Pat Frank
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Randy driving to meet up with his brother Mark?
(a) Orlando
(b) Tallahassee
(c) Tampa
(d) Pensacola

2. What does Florence ask Alice to do?
(a) go shopping with her
(b) come to the Western Union office
(c) spend the weekend with her
(d) call the sheriff about Randy

3. Why does Alice agree to Florence's request?
(a) her husband is out of town
(b) she is bored
(c) she thinks Florence needs support
(d) she looked up Alas, Babylon

4. What does Alice say Randy is doing?
(a) going to sleep
(b) watching Lib drive away
(c) stalking something
(d) meditating

5. Who does Randy ask for at McCoy Air Base?
(a) Mark
(b) no one
(c) Lieutenant Baker
(d) Lieutenant Colonel Paul Hart

6. What do Florence and Alice see Randy do after Lib leaves?
(a) sit on the porch
(b) move slowly across their lawn
(c) go to bed
(d) climb a tree

7. What does Randy tell Mark?
(a) he should leave for Omaha
(b) he should stay in Florida
(c) he will take good care of Mark's family
(d) he thinks Mark is a total idiot

8. Why does Mark want his family to leave?
(a) they live in a primary target area
(b) he's too busy to deal with them
(c) he wants them to have a vacation
(d) he wants them to see Randy

9. How does Helen feel when she leaves Mark?
(a) like a bad woman
(b) like a deserter
(c) happy
(d) excited

10. Why do Florence and Alice meet on Fridays?
(a) to help out at the animal shelter
(b) for a book club
(c) to have lunch together
(d) to knit clothes for infants

11. What is the Saratoga?
(a) an aircraft carrier
(b) the name of Randy's house
(c) the name of a famous statue in Ft. Repose
(d) moon shuttle

12. Where does Randy stop on his way home from town?
(a) at Florence's
(b) at Lib's
(c) at a scenic overlook
(d) at the river

13. In what month did the Day occur?
(a) December
(b) August
(c) May
(d) November

14. Who kills himself the day the bombs are dropped?
(a) Dan Dunn
(b) Florence
(c) Jerry Kling
(d) Edgar Quisenberry

15. Why did Edgar dislike Randy's father?
(a) he lost a lot of money
(b) he humiliated him in a poker game
(c) he dated Edgar's wife before they were married
(d) he put his money in the other bank in town

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Randy hear on the way home when he leaves Lib's house?

2. What did the Russians launch at the beginning of the book?

3. When was the First National Bank in Ft. Repose built?

4. How do Lib's parents feel about Randy?

5. What kind of daily routine does Florence have?

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