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Pat Frank
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Randy think of Florence?
(a) she's a gossipy old maid
(b) she's very smart
(c) she's very nice
(d) she is crazy

2. How does Dan keep gas in his car?
(a) gets it from a secret resevoir
(b) steals it
(c) his car no longer runs
(d) barters medical services

3. What does Mark give Randy before saying good-bye?
(a) a copy of his Bible
(b) a hug
(c) a warning to get prepared
(d) a check to cash

4. What does Randy see when the highwaymen stop him?
(a) Jim's jeep
(b) Dan's model A
(c) a downed tree
(d) a large boulder in the road

5. What does Randy wear to his wedding?
(a) shorts and T-shirt
(b) a tuxedo
(c) his uniform
(d) a white suit

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Randy tell Helen and the children when they join him outside?

2. How do Russia and NATO feel about the Mediterranean?

3. What is Randy dreaming about as he wakes at the beginning of Chapter 10?

4. How many supermarket carts does Randy fill?

5. Who was shot during the battle with the highwaymen?

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