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Pat Frank
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is driving Randy when they find the highwaymen?
(a) Malachai
(b) Bill McGovern
(c) Alice
(d) Lib

2. For what does Two-Tone ask Randy?
(a) to make corn whiskey
(b) some ammunition
(c) some knifes
(d) some fishing supplies

3. What provides news from the outside?
(a) a navy field phone
(b) the Admiral's shortwave radio
(c) emergency broadcasts on the radio
(d) announcements from low flying planes

4. What has become a popular entertainment in Ft. Repose since the day?
(a) reading at the library
(b) horseshoes
(c) board games
(d) playing poker

5. What does Lib think about Randy living in Ft. Repose?
(a) he's wasting himself
(b) it's a good place for him
(c) it would be good for raising children
(d) he should run for mayor

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Randy tell Bubba about the cost of getting rid of Porky's body?

2. Why do Helen and Randy decide to go to Admiral Hazzard's house?

3. What do the men first do when they land the helicopter?

4. What happens to Dan when he tries to keep his medical bag?

5. What does Dan decide to use for anesthesia?

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