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Pat Frank
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Randy tell Helen to get at Beck's hardware?
(a) coleman lanterns
(b) twenty-two caliber long-rifle hollow points
(c) sleeping bags
(d) a couple of hunting knifes

2. What does Randy decide to tell Alice and Florence?
(a) to mind their own business
(b) what Mark had said
(c) that Graf will kill Sir Percy
(d) that he's engaged to Liz

3. What is the red baby?
(a) the red alert flag
(b) a red sunrise
(c) the sunset when the air is dusty
(d) a bomb carrier that guides itself to a target.

4. Who does Randy think was in south Florida on the day and came back sick?
(a) Pete Hernandez
(b) Rita
(c) Porky Logan
(d) Lavinia McGovern

5. Why does Dan think Jim had a bad brood of bees?
(a) not enough flowers
(b) too much sun
(c) radiation
(d) not enough sun

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Randy worried about when he sits down to a surprise dinner?

2. What destroys power service to Timucuan County?

3. What does Mark propose to General Hawker at five in the morning?

4. What does Randy tell Ben about his father?

5. What does Randy find out about the planes at McCoy?

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