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Pat Frank
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Dan when he tries to keep his medical bag?
(a) he is shot
(b) nothing
(c) he is beaten unconscious
(d) his hand is broken

2. What does Washington D.C. say about the explosion in the Middle East?
(a) it was done on purpose
(b) it was done by Russia
(c) it was not the United States
(d) it was a mechanical failure

3. What does Randy tell Ben about his father?
(a) he is still in the hole at Omaha
(b) he will be coming back soon
(c) he is most likely dead
(d) he is with the Chief Executive

4. Why does Mark want his family to leave?
(a) they live in a primary target area
(b) he's too busy to deal with them
(c) he wants them to have a vacation
(d) he wants them to see Randy

5. What has happened to a lot of the parked cars in Ft. Repose?
(a) they've been vandalized
(b) nothing has happened to them
(c) they have had their gas tanks drained
(d) they've been stripped of their tires

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Randy think about the front of the McGoverns' house?

2. What does Bill McGovern call Randy when he goes in the living room?

3. What destroys power service to Timucuan County?

4. What holiday do the children believe they are spending in Florida?

5. How does Randy plan to get drinking water for his house?

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