Daily Lessons for Teaching Alas, Babylon

Pat Frank
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Setting. This novel came out in 1959, just a short time following World War II and the Cuban missile crisis. How did this time in history produce this book?

This lesson will look at setting.


1. Homework. Students will research the state of Florida paying attention especially to events in Florida and the United States from 1946 - 1959. Students will write a short paper discussing how the events of that time and the location of Ft. Repose affected the novel.

2. Class discussion. Class will discuss how the setting of Ft. Repose shaped the story and the lives of Randy and others in Ft. Repose.

3. Class work. Students will write a short description of a town that would work as well as Ft. Repose for the setting of Alas, Babylon.

4. Group work. In groups students will decide how the town in which they reside currently and attend school, has...

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