Alas, Babylon Character Descriptions

Pat Frank
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Florence Wechek

She is a spinster and manages Western Union in Fort Repose, Florida.

Alice Cooksey

She is the librarian and a friend of the main character.

Randy Bragg

He is the main character's neighbor who surveys the neighbors' yards with binoculars in the evenings and mornings.

Preacher Henry

He is pastor emeritus of the Afro-Repose Baptist Church.

Mark Bragg

He is Randy Bragg's brother in the Air Force SAC Intelligence.


He is Deputy Director of Civil Defense for the county.

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Hart

He is a squadron commander at McCoy.

Edgar Quisenberry

He is a son of the founder and president of the First National Bank in Fort Repose.

Pete Hernandez

He owns and manages the Ajax Super-Market.

Bill Cullen

He runs a bar, short-order grill, package store and fish camp at the edge of town.

Malachai Henry

He is Randy's gardener and helper.

Elizabeth McGovern

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