Alas, Babylon Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Pat Frank
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Chapter 1

• Florence Wechek is the Western Union manager in Fort Repose, Florida. She shares her home with pets that begin to stir in the gray dawn.

• Russians launch a Sputnik spy satellite to circle above and Russian-built Syrian tanks cross Jordan's border.

• Florence turns on an Orlando country music station to clean the kitchen and then dresses in her bedroom.

• She adjusts the blinds to see if her neighbor Randy is watching. He is looking through binoculars like he has for three weeks.

• He is an eligible thirty-two year old, well-known bachelor in Timucuan County.

• Florence thinks he's a Peeping Tom. She returns his greeting when leaving but thinks he is rude in pajamas.
• Randy thinks she treats him like a stranger because she disapproves of his female visitors.

• He laces a second cup of morning coffee with bourbon to drink in his second-floor bachelor apartment.

• His maid...

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