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Short Answer Questions

1. What work of da Vinci's does Giuliano want to show Michelangelo?

2. Why are Michelangelo and some of his friends under suspicion in Rome?

3. What happens two days after Michelangelo's return to Rome?

4. What does the new Pope allow Duke of Urbino to do?

5. What distresses Michelangelo about many of his commissions?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly describe the intrigue going on in Rome while Michelangelo works on the Sistine Chapel.

2. Why is Michelangelo disenchanted with the work he is doing for a cardinal while thinking about the Wool Guild marble?

3. Briefly explain the problem Michelangelo has with the Carraini over Leo's insistence on using Pietrasanta marble.

4. What demand does Pope Julius make on Michelangelo that he does not want to do?

5. What does Michelangelo realize as he studies the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

6. How does Michelangelo's father add stress to his son while he is working on Pope Julius' tomb?

7. How does Bramante complicate the start of Pope Julius II's tomb?

8. How do the Bolognese assign the guilt of association to Michelangelo?

9. Why does Michelangelo not close up his brothers' unprofitable shop?

10. Describe briefly the attraction Michelangelo feels toward Tommaso Cavalieri.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about humility. Refer to the meeting between Michelangelo and Galli who lay on his deathbed. In your essay use Galli's words that plenty brings pride. Discuss the importance of humility in life.

Essay Topic 2

Write a critique of THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY. Discuss Stone's style and his research to make the novel historically accurate. End with your recommendation for others to read the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay on working out problems for oneself. Using Michelangelo's visit to the Topolinos while trying to decide what to do after the death of Lorenzo, discuss how work and solitude are useful in the decision making process.

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