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Short Answer Questions

1. At the palace de Medici, with whom does Michelangelo share quarters?

2. If caught in his nighttime study of anatomy, what might the Church do to him?

3. For his first year as an apprentice, how is Michelangelo treated?

4. What does Michelangelo need before he can start carving the marble?

5. Who is Cardinal Riario di San Giorgio looking for?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Michelangelo caught up in the politics between Florence and Pope Clement?

2. Although Pope Clement had been unpopular in Florence, how does Michelangelo view his death?

3. Explain the surprise announcement after Michelangelo has been at Ghirlandaio's school for one year.

4. Explain how Michelangelo finally gets to do some real artwork.

5. What is the first problem facing Michelangelo before he can study under Bertoldo?

6. How does Pope Paul III outmaneuver Michelangelo over the matter of Pope Julius' tomb?

7. How does Michelangelo find Vittoria Colona when she returns to Rome?

8. What, beside the Bacchus commission, does Michelangelo get from Jacopo Galli?

9. Describe Michelangelo's meeting Clarissa.

10. How does Bramante complicate the start of Pope Julius II's tomb?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about the will to succeed. Using Michelangelo as an example, discuss how people who achieve great things in their lives are focused and driven to succeed. Include some modern day examples as well.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay on working out problems for oneself. Using Michelangelo's visit to the Topolinos while trying to decide what to do after the death of Lorenzo, discuss how work and solitude are useful in the decision making process.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about religious extremism. Use the example of the Inquisition to show how people sometimes try to enforce their own religious ideology on others.

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