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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Michelangelo have after his meeting with the Cardinal?
(a) a letter of introduction to the Pope
(b) a new workshop to work in
(c) a commission to carvea pieta
(d) a seven-foot block of marble and no money

2. Why does Michelangelo compare his work with files borrowed from Ghirlandaio?
(a) to see how much better he is
(b) to find a patron
(c) to learn how to keep files
(d) to learn from his own mistakes

3. What does Michelangelo believe that Ghirlandaio disagrees with?
(a) that painting is a waste of time
(b) that art is a useless occupation
(c) that sculpture is the greatest art form
(d) that humans should never be painted nude

4. How is Pietro Torrigiani described?
(a) a deformed genius
(b) a well-built, handsome young man
(c) a short, fat hanger on
(d) a plain and untalented boy

5. Who is Il Magnifico?
(a) Lorenzo de Medici
(b) Domenico Ghirlandaio
(c) the Doge of Milan
(d) Pope Julius II

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first of Michelangelo's problems if he wants to study under Bertoldo?

2. What does Michelangelo's brother, Lionardo, believe his brother has become?

3. What does Michelangelo refuse to do for Piero de Medici?

4. Eventually, what does Lodovico hope for that will help his family?

5. Who helps Michelangelo find a place of his own?

Short Essay Questions

1. What, beside the Bacchus commission, does Michelangelo get from Jacopo Galli?

2. Tell something about Michelangelo's reception when he returns home.

3. Describe how Michelangelo gets his start in art education.

4. Describe Michelangelo's living conditions when he first comes to Rome.

5. How does Michelangelo react to the Cardinal's failure to give him instructions and permission to start carving?

6. How does Torrigiani expose his envy of Michelangelo?

7. Describe briefly the way friendship develops between Michelangelo and the contessina.

8. What does Lorenzo de Medici reveal to Michelangelo about his training?

9. How does Michelangelo escape his father's house?

10. Describe Michelangelo's frustration in the Sculpture Garden.

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