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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of artwork does Michelangelo accept reluctantly?
(a) jewelry design
(b) small wood sculpuures
(c) paintings
(d) frescos

2. What does Pope Julius demand Michelangelo make for him?
(a) a marble table
(b) a bas relief
(c) a bronze statue
(d) a painting

3. What distresses Michelangelo about many of his commissions?
(a) not getting enough of them
(b) having to comply with other people's ideas
(c) having to finish too quickly
(d) not paying him what they are worth

4. What does Sangallo, Michelangelo's old friend, discover about Michelangelo's problem with the painting?
(a) his Florence paint mixture does not work in Rome
(b) he needs to slow down the work to let the paint dry
(c) he needs to speed up the work before the paint dries
(d) he needs to be closer to the surface

5. What does da Vinci tell Michelangelo that he has brought to its limits with nothing for others to perfect?
(a) polishing marble like the pieta
(b) larger than life sculptures
(c) sculpting tombs
(d) painting the nude figure

6. Why are Michelangelo and some of his friends under suspicion in Rome?
(a) because they visit with King Charles V of France
(b) because they do not think the Church is infallible
(c) because the rarely attend mass
(d) because they prefer the nude statues of Michelangelo

7. While working on Julius' tomb, what comes Michelangelo's way?
(a) proposals for a variety of projects
(b) an audience with the Pope
(c) money that has long been owed him
(d) a new house and shop

8. What is Michelangelo's idea of a statue that can be carved from the defective block of marble?
(a) David
(b) a pieta
(c) St. Paul
(d) Hercules

9. What scene does Michelangelo want to paint in the Sistine Chapel?
(a) Noah and the flood
(b) the birth of Jesus
(c) Moses and the Ten Commandments
(d) the Genesis story

10. What does the new Pope allow Duke of Urbino to do?
(a) make Michelangelo finish the tomb
(b) take Michelangelo to court
(c) confiscate all Michelangelo's marble
(d) ban Michelangelo from working

11. What saves Michelangelo from losing everything to the Duke of Urbino?
(a) the Duke dies of a stroke
(b) Pope Adrian has a change of heart
(c) The next Pope is Giulio de Medici, who becomes Pope Clement VII
(d) Jacopo Galli testifies in favor of Michelangelo

12. What does Michelangelo insist on from the Pope?
(a) that he sleep in the chapel
(b) that only he have the keys to the chapel
(c) that he be given extra money for paints
(d) that Swiss Guards surround the chapel at night

13. With whom does the Marchesa appear to be affiliated?
(a) the de Medici family
(b) the Royal Family of Spain
(c) a group that believes the Church needs reforms
(d) a group of wealthy patrons of the arts

14. What does Pope Paul III want Michelangelo to do?
(a) to return to Florence and reopen the sculpture garden
(b) to carve another David
(c) to finish the tomb of Pope Julius II
(d) to complete the Sistine Chapel

15. Who is the female friend Michelangelo visits in Bologna?
(a) Clarissa
(b) Gina
(c) Sofia
(d) the Contessina

Short Answer Questions

1. Who agrees to protect Florence from the Borgias?

2. What does the new Pope want to do in the church?

3. What does the Duke of Urbino, administrator of Julius' will and his heir want from Michelangelo?

4. Who replaces Pope Leo X?

5. What happens two days after Michelangelo's return to Rome?

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