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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What saves Michelangelo from losing everything to the Duke of Urbino?
(a) the Duke dies of a stroke
(b) The next Pope is Giulio de Medici, who becomes Pope Clement VII
(c) Jacopo Galli testifies in favor of Michelangelo
(d) Pope Adrian has a change of heart

2. What does the Duke of Urbino, administrator of Julius' will and his heir want from Michelangelo?
(a) to start over on Julius' tomb
(b) to leave Rome and never return
(c) to create a monument to Julius
(d) to finish Julius' tomb

3. Why does Lodovico not understand Michelangelo's financial situation?
(a) others work for the Vatican and become rich
(b) he is very poor at numbers
(c) he forgets how much Michelangelo has given the family
(d) he thinks Michelangelo lies to him

4. After three years and a great deal of his personal expense, what happens to Leo X's project?
(a) the road cannot be completed
(b) the project is to be abandoned
(c) the Pope dies
(d) the marble shatters

5. What does Pope Leo offer for Michelangelo to work on?
(a) the walls of a sacristy of the San Lorenzo
(b) the portico of his summer palace
(c) decorations for the Papal apartments
(d) a baptismal font for San Lorenzo

6. Why is Michelangelo unable to show exactly how much he received from Pope Julius?
(a) he never kept any receipts
(b) his receipts were lost in a fire
(c) his recordkeeping is poor
(d) he is not allowed to travel to Florence to get his receipts

7. Why do the city fathers of Florence not receive Michelangelo well?
(a) fear of angering the Pope
(b) the unfinished work he left behind
(c) he has no money for taxes
(d) they remember his de Medici connection

8. What is the misconception his family has of Michelangelo?
(a) he is made of money
(b) he has contracts he hasn't told them about
(c) he is a total failure
(d) he is in trouble with the law

9. What commission has Bramante won from the Pope?
(a) to build a new St. Peter's
(b) to add on to the Vatican
(c) to carve the Pope's tomb
(d) to design the tomb Michelangelo will carve

10. Pope Paul III likes Michelangelo's nudes in the Sistine Chapel but how do others view them?
(a) too good to be hidden in a church
(b) old fashioned and plain
(c) too ethereal to understand
(d) scandalous and revolting

11. What does the news of the death of the Pope bring?
(a) riots in the streets of Rome
(b) the Duke of Urbino to Michelangelo's door
(c) a commission to carve Pope Clement's tomb
(d) a rush of orders for Michelangelo

12. Why does Michelangelo have trouble with the Bolognese people?
(a) because he works for the Pope
(b) because he has no money
(c) because he spurns Clarissa
(d) because he is from Florence

13. What does Pope Leo X want Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo to do?
(a) become friends
(b) return to Florence
(c) design his summer villa
(d) work together on the sistine Chapel

14. What does the new Pope allow Duke of Urbino to do?
(a) ban Michelangelo from working
(b) make Michelangelo finish the tomb
(c) confiscate all Michelangelo's marble
(d) take Michelangelo to court

15. Who is coming to the home of Vittoria Colonna, the Marchesa di Pescara?
(a) King Charles V of France
(b) Prince Olaf of Norway
(c) the Doge of Milan
(d) Pope Clement

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sangallo, Michelangelo's old friend, discover about Michelangelo's problem with the painting?

2. What does the Wool Guild own that is of interest to Michelangelo?

3. After Lodovico dies in 1534, what does Michelangelo do?

4. Why can Michelangelo not talk to Pope Julius II?

5. What on Michelangelo's wall gains him several enemies?

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