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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pope Julius demand Michelangelo make for him?
(a) a bronze statue
(b) a bas relief
(c) a marble table
(d) a painting

2. What distresses Michelangelo about many of his commissions?
(a) having to finish too quickly
(b) not paying him what they are worth
(c) not getting enough of them
(d) having to comply with other people's ideas

3. What does Leonardo da Vinci do that irritates Michelangelo?
(a) challenge him to a carving duel
(b) steals his commission
(c) openly denigrates sculpture
(d) makes jokes about Michelangelo

4. What does Michelangelo see in the form of Tommaso Cavalieri?
(a) the way he would have looked if his face had not been ruined
(b) the epitome of the figures he has painted and carved
(c) a potentially good model
(d) the way he would like to look

5. What is Michelangelo's idea of a statue that can be carved from the defective block of marble?
(a) David
(b) a pieta
(c) St. Paul
(d) Hercules

6. What work of da Vinci's does Giuliano want to show Michelangelo?
(a) a machine that allows a man to fly
(b) a lens to improve vision
(c) a new kind of carriage
(d) experiments in alchemy

7. Who is the young man Michelangelo becomes infatuated with?
(a) Francesco Granacci
(b) Pietro Torrigiani
(c) Andrea Bregno
(d) Tommaso Cavalieri

8. What does the new Pope allow Duke of Urbino to do?
(a) make Michelangelo finish the tomb
(b) confiscate all Michelangelo's marble
(c) take Michelangelo to court
(d) ban Michelangelo from working

9. Why does Lodovico not understand Michelangelo's financial situation?
(a) he is very poor at numbers
(b) he forgets how much Michelangelo has given the family
(c) he thinks Michelangelo lies to him
(d) others work for the Vatican and become rich

10. What does Pope Paul III want Michelangelo to do?
(a) to carve another David
(b) to complete the Sistine Chapel
(c) to finish the tomb of Pope Julius II
(d) to return to Florence and reopen the sculpture garden

11. What new commission does the Pope give to Michelangelo?
(a) designing the Sistine Chapel
(b) painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
(c) sculpting statues of saints for the Sistine Chapel
(d) sculpting wall decorations for the Sistine Chapel

12. While working on Julius' tomb, what comes Michelangelo's way?
(a) an audience with the Pope
(b) money that has long been owed him
(c) a new house and shop
(d) proposals for a variety of projects

13. Who succeeds Pope Julius II as Pope Leo X?
(a) Cardinal Riario
(b) Giovanni de Medici
(c) Jacopo Galli
(d) the Cardinal of San Dionigi

14. How does Buonarroto's wife cause problems for Michelangelo?
(a) she demands fine gowns and jewels
(b) she becomes a spy for Pope Julius II
(c) she tries to seduce Michelangelo
(d) she produces several children

15. What is Michelangelo's problem for getting the Pietrasanta marble to Rome?
(a) the marble is too fragile
(b) no road is available
(c) no one will help him
(d) no wagon is big enough

Short Answer Questions

1. What commission has Bramante won from the Pope?

2. From whom does Jacopo Galli secure a commission for Michelangelo?

3. Pope Paul III likes Michelangelo's nudes in the Sistine Chapel but how do others view them?

4. What causes the death of Pope Leo X?

5. What does Michelangelo realize his painting in the Sistine Chapel is supposed to do?

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