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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Duke of Urbino, administrator of Julius' will and his heir want from Michelangelo?
(a) to create a monument to Julius
(b) to finish Julius' tomb
(c) to start over on Julius' tomb
(d) to leave Rome and never return

2. What is worked out that the Duke of Urbino will accept instead of the finished tomb?
(a) an extension of time to finish the tomb
(b) a statue of Moses and two other statues in Michelangelo's home
(c) a written apology from Michelangelo
(d) an assignment as the Cardinal of Milan

3. Having lost everything, what is the one contract Michelangelo has?
(a) a garden decoration for de Medici
(b) a gravestone for a merchant
(c) a cupid for the Bishop of Florence
(d) a Risen Christ for Metello Vari

4. Why are Michelangelo and some of his friends under suspicion in Rome?
(a) because they visit with King Charles V of France
(b) because they prefer the nude statues of Michelangelo
(c) because they do not think the Church is infallible
(d) because the rarely attend mass

5. What happens to prevent Michelangelo from finishing the tomb of Pope Julius this time?
(a) the tomb is vandalized by religious fanatics
(b) a war with the King of France breaks out
(c) the fact that he has no money for the supplies he needs
(d) the election of Alessandro Farnese to the papacy as Pope Paul III

6. What happens when Pope Leo insists on Pietrasanta marble, not Carraini marble?
(a) the Carraini people attack Michelangelo
(b) the Carraini people destroy the road
(c) the Carraini people raise the price of Pietrasanta marble
(d) the Carraini people run away

7. After Lodovico dies in 1534, what does Michelangelo do?
(a) travels to Milan to find new commissions
(b) sees the work finished on San Lorenzo and returns to Rome
(c) appeal to Pope Clement for more commissions
(d) sells everything he has in Florence and goes to Spain

8. What does Michelangelo do after accepting the Cardinal's commission?
(a) rents an apartment and sends for Argiento
(b) moves back to Rome
(c) goes into hiding
(d) gives all his money to Lodovico

9. What does Michelangelo give his brothers Buonarroto and Giovansimone ?
(a) his house in Florence
(b) money to open their own shop
(c) a place to stay in Rome
(d) an audience with Pope Leo X

10. After three years and a great deal of his personal expense, what happens to Leo X's project?
(a) the project is to be abandoned
(b) the road cannot be completed
(c) the Pope dies
(d) the marble shatters

11. What is Michelangelo's problem for getting the Pietrasanta marble to Rome?
(a) no road is available
(b) no one will help him
(c) no wagon is big enough
(d) the marble is too fragile

12. What does Pope Julius demand Michelangelo make for him?
(a) a bas relief
(b) a painting
(c) a marble table
(d) a bronze statue

13. What saves Michelangelo from losing everything to the Duke of Urbino?
(a) The next Pope is Giulio de Medici, who becomes Pope Clement VII
(b) the Duke dies of a stroke
(c) Pope Adrian has a change of heart
(d) Jacopo Galli testifies in favor of Michelangelo

14. What scene does Michelangelo want to paint in the Sistine Chapel?
(a) the Genesis story
(b) Moses and the Ten Commandments
(c) Noah and the flood
(d) the birth of Jesus

15. Why can Michelangelo not visit the Contessina?
(a) the Pope might become angry with the Ridolfi family
(b) he does not have the proper clothes
(c) he does not know where to find her
(d) her husband will not allow it

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the reaction of the city when they first see the David in progress?

2. With whom does the Marchesa appear to be affiliated?

3. What distresses Michelangelo about many of his commissions?

4. What does the new Pope want to do in the church?

5. What does Sangallo, Michelangelo's old friend, discover about Michelangelo's problem with the painting?

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