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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does da Vinci tell Michelangelo that he has brought to its limits with nothing for others to perfect?
(a) polishing marble like the pieta
(b) painting the nude figure
(c) larger than life sculptures
(d) sculpting tombs

2. What is Michelangelo's idea of a statue that can be carved from the defective block of marble?
(a) St. Paul
(b) David
(c) Hercules
(d) a pieta

3. As payment to the French, what will Michelangelo carve?
(a) a tomb for the King
(b) a monument to set up in Paris
(c) something for Charles VIII
(d) something for the Marechal de' Gie

4. Who is coming to the home of Vittoria Colonna, the Marchesa di Pescara?
(a) King Charles V of France
(b) Pope Clement
(c) the Doge of Milan
(d) Prince Olaf of Norway

5. What does Pope Paul III want Michelangelo to do?
(a) to complete the Sistine Chapel
(b) to return to Florence and reopen the sculpture garden
(c) to finish the tomb of Pope Julius II
(d) to carve another David

6. Why can Michelangelo not talk to Pope Julius II?
(a) there is a waiting list for months
(b) the Swiss guard will not let him pass
(c) the Pope is in Bologna
(d) he cannot gain an audience

7. What happens to all the marbles Michelangelo collects for the St. Lorenzo church?
(a) it is crushed and used for road paving
(b) it is left where it lay affter the accident
(c) it is used for tiling the floor of the duomo
(d) it is thrown into the tiber rriver

8. What happens two days after Michelangelo's return to Rome?
(a) Rome burns
(b) St. Peter's basilica collapses
(c) Pope Clement dies
(d) the Holy Roman Empire is defeated

9. What commission has Bramante won from the Pope?
(a) to carve the Pope's tomb
(b) to add on to the Vatican
(c) to design the tomb Michelangelo will carve
(d) to build a new St. Peter's

10. After Lodovico dies in 1534, what does Michelangelo do?
(a) sees the work finished on San Lorenzo and returns to Rome
(b) appeal to Pope Clement for more commissions
(c) sells everything he has in Florence and goes to Spain
(d) travels to Milan to find new commissions

11. What does the new Pope want to do in the church?
(a) build a new cathedral
(b) execute all artists
(c) to right the wrongs of Pope Leo X
(d) tear down the tomb of Pope Julius II

12. What does Leonardo da Vinci do that irritates Michelangelo?
(a) steals his commission
(b) openly denigrates sculpture
(c) challenge him to a carving duel
(d) makes jokes about Michelangelo

13. What happens to prevent Michelangelo from finishing the tomb of Pope Julius this time?
(a) the tomb is vandalized by religious fanatics
(b) the fact that he has no money for the supplies he needs
(c) a war with the King of France breaks out
(d) the election of Alessandro Farnese to the papacy as Pope Paul III

14. Having lost everything, what is the one contract Michelangelo has?
(a) a gravestone for a merchant
(b) a cupid for the Bishop of Florence
(c) a garden decoration for de Medici
(d) a Risen Christ for Metello Vari

15. What kind of artwork does Michelangelo accept reluctantly?
(a) frescos
(b) jewelry design
(c) small wood sculpuures
(d) paintings

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Michelangelo see in the form of Tommaso Cavalieri?

2. With whom does the Marchesa appear to be affiliated?

3. While working on Julius' tomb, what comes Michelangelo's way?

4. Why does the city of Florence bribe Caesar Borgia?

5. The Pope wants the road but what other problem does Michelangelo have?

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