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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As a second problem, what must Michelangelo have if he wants to study under Bertoldo?
(a) ten thousand florins
(b) previous art recognition
(c) knowledge of the basics of sculpture
(d) an invitation from Bertoldo or one of the de Medicis

2. Just as Michelangelo starts working for Galli, what do the creditors in Florence demand?
(a) all the money within one month
(b) part of the money within the week
(c) letters of credit from Jacopo Galli
(d) Michelangelo return to Florence and work there

3. What does Torrigiani do to Michelangelo that causes him to flee the palace?
(a) breaks Michelangelo's sculpture
(b) breaks Michelangelo's tools
(c) breaks Michelangelo's arm
(d) breaks Michelangelo's nose

4. Besides working on his commission, what does Michelangelo enjoy in Galli's home?
(a) freedom to find other commissions
(b) the finest food in Rome
(c) a good bed to sleep in
(d) conversations with a learned man

5. What does Lodovico think sculptors are?
(a) grand artists
(b) little more than being stonecutters
(c) potentially wealthy men
(d) contributors to society

6. What raw material does Michelangelo use to carve a crucifix?
(a) a large lump of solidified plaster
(b) a piece of discarded marble
(c) the hardest available Tuscan walnut
(d) sandstone taken from the quarry

7. Instead of a commission, what does Cardinal Riario give Michelangelo?
(a) the marble
(b) a little money
(c) expenses back to florence
(d) a scholarship

8. Who is perfectly content to keep house and cook for Michelangelo?
(a) Buonarroto
(b) Argiento
(c) Granacci
(d) Lionardo

9. Who asks for two of Ghirlandaio's students to study at his new Medici school?
(a) Il Magnifico
(b) Bertoldo
(c) Baldinelli
(d) Bottecelli

10. What does Ghirlandaio want Michelangelo to do?
(a) develop his own style in his own way
(b) learn how to copy him
(c) see how little talent he has
(d) stop playing and go to work

11. While working on the panels, what is Michelangelo dreaming about?
(a) opening his own studio
(b) finding models
(c) the sculpture garden
(d) making his name in the art world

12. What does Michelangelo discover that he cannot do?
(a) replicate Bertoldo's style
(b) work in three dimensions
(c) form ideas of his own
(d) speak French

13. How is Pietro Torrigiani described?
(a) a plain and untalented boy
(b) a deformed genius
(c) a short, fat hanger on
(d) a well-built, handsome young man

14. What does Michelangelo have after his meeting with the Cardinal?
(a) a letter of introduction to the Pope
(b) a new workshop to work in
(c) a seven-foot block of marble and no money
(d) a commission to carvea pieta

15. What is the important commission from the Cardinal of San Dionigi that Michelangelo wants to bid on?
(a) a crucifixion
(b) a statue of David
(c) the last supper
(d) a pieta

Short Answer Questions

1. After one year, what is Michelangelo allowed to paint?

2. What is Michelangelo's response when his father tells him he cannot afford to have pride?

3. What does Granacci tell Michelangelo that Ghirlandaio is willing to do?

4. What does Michelangelo insist painting draped figures allows the artist to do?

5. What does Bertoldo, the sculptor master, give Michelangelo?

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