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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Eleven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Michelangelo's position in the home of Cardinal Riario?
(a) one of the Cardinal's skilled workmen
(b) the apprentice architect
(c) the Cardinals confidant
(d) the philosophy instructor

2. What is Michelangelo's conclusion about his looks after the broken nose?
(a) his work must conceal his looks
(b) it makes him look eccentric
(c) now he is handsome
(d) it is something he cannot change

3. Why is Michelangelo unable to show exactly how much he received from Pope Julius?
(a) he is not allowed to travel to Florence to get his receipts
(b) he never kept any receipts
(c) his receipts were lost in a fire
(d) his recordkeeping is poor

4. Why are Michelangelo and some of his friends under suspicion in Rome?
(a) because they do not think the Church is infallible
(b) because the rarely attend mass
(c) because they prefer the nude statues of Michelangelo
(d) because they visit with King Charles V of France

5. What would closing their shop in Florence cost Michelangelo's brothers?
(a) their places on the city council
(b) a full year's rent
(c) to lose their merchant standing within the community
(d) the break up of their families

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does the sculpture garden belong?

2. What does Savonarola preach about the de Medici family?

3. Who can Michelangelo not rely on to pay his apprentice fees?

4. What is the first of Michelangelo's problems if he wants to study under Bertoldo?

5. Why does da Vinci align himself with the Borgias?

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