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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Eleven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Julius II give Michelangelo?
(a) a work area he must pay rent on
(b) a house he must pay rent on but no money
(c) a small stipend which he sends to his father
(d) an order to redesign his tomb

2. Why are Michelangelo and some of his friends under suspicion in Rome?
(a) because they visit with King Charles V of France
(b) because the rarely attend mass
(c) because they prefer the nude statues of Michelangelo
(d) because they do not think the Church is infallible

3. Who is perfectly content to keep house and cook for Michelangelo?
(a) Granacci
(b) Buonarroto
(c) Lionardo
(d) Argiento

4. What does Pope Paul III want Michelangelo to do?
(a) to carve another David
(b) to finish the tomb of Pope Julius II
(c) to complete the Sistine Chapel
(d) to return to Florence and reopen the sculpture garden

5. How is Pietro Torrigiani described?
(a) a plain and untalented boy
(b) a well-built, handsome young man
(c) a short, fat hanger on
(d) a deformed genius

Short Answer Questions

1. What elite group is Michelangelo invited to join?

2. How does Michelangelo learn anatomy at the charity hospital of Santo Spirito?

3. What is Michelangelo accused of in an effort to destroy him?

4. What is Michelangelo's problem for getting the Pietrasanta marble to Rome?

5. Why does da Vinci align himself with the Borgias?

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