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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Eleven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is coming to the home of Vittoria Colonna, the Marchesa di Pescara?
(a) the Doge of Milan
(b) King Charles V of France
(c) Prince Olaf of Norway
(d) Pope Clement

2. What is offered to Michelangelo with a commission for him to sculpt the Twelve Apostles for the cathedral?
(a) a new wardrobe
(b) a house
(c) a large block of marble
(d) a seat on the city council

3. What happens that signals the approaching end of Michelangelo's life?
(a) his failing eyesight
(b) a series of black out spells
(c) a fall from a high scaffolding
(d) a persistent cough

4. Besides working on his commission, what does Michelangelo enjoy in Galli's home?
(a) a good bed to sleep in
(b) freedom to find other commissions
(c) the finest food in Rome
(d) conversations with a learned man

5. After Cardinal Caraffa becomes Pope, what are the artists ordered to do in the Sistine Chapel?
(a) paint over the paintings by Michelangelo
(b) put clothes on the naked people
(c) black out all the nudes
(d) burn down the chapel

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is being considered to carve the large block of marble that seems to have a defect?

2. What does Leo X want Michelangelo to work on after his sister dies?

3. What does Giuliano da Sangallo do for Michelangelo?

4. Who is Caraffa trying to destroy?

5. What does Michelangelo give his brothers Buonarroto and Giovansimone ?

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