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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Eleven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lodovico not understand Michelangelo's financial situation?
(a) he is very poor at numbers
(b) others work for the Vatican and become rich
(c) he forgets how much Michelangelo has given the family
(d) he thinks Michelangelo lies to him

2. Why does Michelangelo have trouble with the Bolognese people?
(a) because he works for the Pope
(b) because he spurns Clarissa
(c) because he has no money
(d) because he is from Florence

3. Besides the Sistine chapel, what other work does Michelangelo finally finish?
(a) his statue of Moses
(b) the base of the David
(c) work on Julius' tomb
(d) the sacristy of San Lorenzo

4. What happens when Pope Leo insists on Pietrasanta marble, not Carraini marble?
(a) the Carraini people raise the price of Pietrasanta marble
(b) the Carraini people run away
(c) the Carraini people attack Michelangelo
(d) the Carraini people destroy the road

5. What does Piero de Medici want Michelangelo to carve for the birthday of his son, Giuliano?
(a) a set of small soldiers
(b) a cupid
(c) a snowman
(d) a bed

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Michelangelo need in order to paint his planned story on the ceiling of the chapel?

2. What is the misconception his family has of Michelangelo?

3. What does the Duke of Urbino, administrator of Julius' will and his heir want from Michelangelo?

4. The Pope wants the road but what other problem does Michelangelo have?

5. What work of da Vinci's does Giuliano want to show Michelangelo?

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