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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Eight.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Michelangelo believe that Ghirlandaio disagrees with?
(a) that humans should never be painted nude
(b) that sculpture is the greatest art form
(c) that painting is a waste of time
(d) that art is a useless occupation

2. Why do the city fathers of Florence not receive Michelangelo well?
(a) they remember his de Medici connection
(b) the unfinished work he left behind
(c) he has no money for taxes
(d) fear of angering the Pope

3. As payment to the French, what will Michelangelo carve?
(a) something for Charles VIII
(b) a monument to set up in Paris
(c) a tomb for the King
(d) something for the Marechal de' Gie

4. Who can Michelangelo not rely on to pay his apprentice fees?
(a) his patron, Lorenzo
(b) his friends, the Tropolinos
(c) his father, Lodovico
(d) his friend, Francesco

5. Who does Michelangelo use for models to perfect his knowledge of anatomy?
(a) off duty guards at the Cardinal's palace
(b) boys he finds playing on the streets
(c) men in the Roman baths
(d) his brothers who come down from Florence

Short Answer Questions

1. After the festival for his son, where does Piero de Medici invite Michelangelo?

2. After the death of Lorenzo de Medici, where does Michelangelo find himself?

3. What do the members of the elite academy discuss and learn about?

4. Why does Michelangelo compare his work with files borrowed from Ghirlandaio?

5. What does Julius II give Michelangelo?

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