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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Eight.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes and sees the sculpture Michelangelo did?
(a) Bertoldo
(b) Contessina de Medici
(c) Lodovico
(d) Lorenzo

2. Who is the young Contessina de Medici that Michelangelo sees in the sculpture garden?
(a) the mother of Lorenzo
(b) the youngest daughter of Lorenzo
(c) the eldest daughter of Lorenzo
(d) the wife of Lorenzo

3. Who is to go to the Medici school along with Michelangelo?
(a) Torrigiani
(b) Granacci
(c) Bertoldo
(d) Donatello

4. What does Pope Julius demand Michelangelo make for him?
(a) a painting
(b) a marble table
(c) a bronze statue
(d) a bas relief

5. While working on the panels, what is Michelangelo dreaming about?
(a) making his name in the art world
(b) opening his own studio
(c) finding models
(d) the sculpture garden

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Michelangelo's idea of a statue that can be carved from the defective block of marble?

2. Besides working on his commission, what does Michelangelo enjoy in Galli's home?

3. At the palace de Medici, with whom does Michelangelo share quarters?

4. Who causes Michelangelo problems over his plans for Julius II's tomb?

5. What does the Duke of Urbino, administrator of Julius' will and his heir want from Michelangelo?

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