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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Four.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Michelangelo refuse to do for Piero de Medici?
(a) carve a bust of his wife
(b) design jewelry for his wife
(c) escort his wife
(d) paint a portrait of his wife

2. If caught in his nighttime study of anatomy, what might the Church do to him?
(a) put him in a monastery
(b) dismiss him from school
(c) put him to death
(d) put him in prison

3. What does Torrigiani do to Michelangelo that causes him to flee the palace?
(a) breaks Michelangelo's sculpture
(b) breaks Michelangelo's tools
(c) breaks Michelangelo's arm
(d) breaks Michelangelo's nose

4. After a hard winter, where does Michelangelo's friend Granacci take him?
(a) to a museum
(b) to an art festival
(c) to a sculpture garden
(d) to Venice

5. What is Michelangelo worried about before going to the Medici school?
(a) where to get his supplies
(b) at what hour to arrive
(c) how to dress
(d) how to tell his father

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Michelangelo tell his brother about his art?

2. What is Michelangelo allowed to do for his painting of a neophyte for the Baptism of John panel?

3. What does Michelangelo discover that he cannot do?

4. What does Lodovico initially refuse to give his son?

5. Who asks for two of Ghirlandaio's students to study at his new Medici school?

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