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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Three.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After one year, what is Michelangelo allowed to paint?
(a) frescoes
(b) still lifes
(c) small portraits
(d) practice canvases

2. Who operates the sculpture garden?
(a) Bottecelli
(b) Bernini
(c) Bertoldo
(d) da Vinci

3. What is one thing Michelangelo is thrilled that he can do?
(a) travel in the de Medici coach
(b) eat in the dinning room
(c) see and talk to Contessina
(d) sleep until noon

4. What is something Michelangelo learns from members of the academy?
(a) music and dancing
(b) literature and the value of writing poetry
(c) elocution and ethics
(d) accounting and the importance of politics

5. Why does Michelangelo compare his work with files borrowed from Ghirlandaio?
(a) to learn how to keep files
(b) to find a patron
(c) to see how much better he is
(d) to learn from his own mistakes

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Michelangelo's brother, Lionardo, believe his brother has become?

2. As a second problem, what must Michelangelo have if he wants to study under Bertoldo?

3. What is the first of Michelangelo's problems if he wants to study under Bertoldo?

4. Where is the thirteen-year-old Michelangelo taken in March of 1488?

5. How does Michelangelo spend a lot of his free time near the sculpture garden?

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