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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Ten.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Charles VIII of France want to claim the Kingdom of Naples?
(a) through inheritance
(b) through treaty
(c) through eminent domaine
(d) through warfare

2. What does Michelangelo have after his meeting with the Cardinal?
(a) a new workshop to work in
(b) a letter of introduction to the Pope
(c) a commission to carvea pieta
(d) a seven-foot block of marble and no money

3. How is Pietro Torrigiani described?
(a) a deformed genius
(b) a well-built, handsome young man
(c) a short, fat hanger on
(d) a plain and untalented boy

4. Eventually, what does Lodovico hope for that will help his family?
(a) a new position in Milan
(b) his son's becoming famous
(c) connections to de Medici
(d) Michelangelo will change his mind

5. After three years and a great deal of his personal expense, what happens to Leo X's project?
(a) the project is to be abandoned
(b) the Pope dies
(c) the road cannot be completed
(d) the marble shatters

Short Answer Questions

1. What on Michelangelo's wall gains him several enemies?

2. At the palace de Medici, with whom does Michelangelo share quarters?

3. What does Savonarola preach about the de Medici family?

4. What causes the death of Pope Leo X?

5. Where does Michelangelo go to study?

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