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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Four.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Michelangelo's conclusion about his looks after the broken nose?
(a) now he is handsome
(b) it is something he cannot change
(c) it makes him look eccentric
(d) his work must conceal his looks

2. At the palace de Medici, with whom does Michelangelo share quarters?
(a) Donato Donatello
(b) Francesco Granacci
(c) Pietro Torrigiani
(d) Bertoldo, the sculpture master

3. What does Torrigiani do to Michelangelo that causes him to flee the palace?
(a) breaks Michelangelo's tools
(b) breaks Michelangelo's nose
(c) breaks Michelangelo's arm
(d) breaks Michelangelo's sculpture

4. What is something Michelangelo learns from members of the academy?
(a) music and dancing
(b) elocution and ethics
(c) accounting and the importance of politics
(d) literature and the value of writing poetry

5. After a hard winter, where does Michelangelo's friend Granacci take him?
(a) to Venice
(b) to a museum
(c) to an art festival
(d) to a sculpture garden

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Cardinal Riario di San Giorgio looking for?

2. How do Michelangelo and Granacci reckon Lodovico will not be harsh when he learns his son is going to de Medici?

3. What is Lodovico unable to do when Michelangelo is given the privilege of living in the de Medici household?

4. Who comes and sees the sculpture Michelangelo did?

5. What is Michelangelo allowed to do for his painting of a neophyte for the Baptism of John panel?

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