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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Nine.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the Contessina sent as she nears marriageable age?
(a) to live with the Ridolfi
(b) to a convent
(c) to live in Rome
(d) to school in Milan

2. What does Michelangelo tell his brother about his art?
(a) that it is progressing
(b) that it is his life
(c) that it is all he knows
(d) that it is holy

3. As Michelangelo progresses, what does he learn about life?
(a) the jealousy of others
(b) the value of personal ethics
(c) the kindness of strangers
(d) the effects of poverty

4. What does Savonarola believe art is?
(a) godly and uplifting
(b) a gift from God
(c) neither good nor bad
(d) blasphemous and ungodly

5. What is something Michelangelo learns from members of the academy?
(a) music and dancing
(b) literature and the value of writing poetry
(c) accounting and the importance of politics
(d) elocution and ethics

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Leonardo da Vinci do that irritates Michelangelo?

2. Why is Michelangelo unable to show exactly how much he received from Pope Julius?

3. Why does da Vinci align himself with the Borgias?

4. What is Michelangelo's conclusion about his looks after the broken nose?

5. What does the Duke really want to punish Michelangelo for?

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