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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Nine.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before the David statue can be placed, what happens?
(a) vandals attack it
(b) it falls over
(c) the Cardinal wants it
(d) the marble cracks

2. What does Pope Leo offer for Michelangelo to work on?
(a) a baptismal font for San Lorenzo
(b) decorations for the Papal apartments
(c) the portico of his summer palace
(d) the walls of a sacristy of the San Lorenzo

3. What does Michelangelo discover that he cannot do?
(a) form ideas of his own
(b) speak French
(c) replicate Bertoldo's style
(d) work in three dimensions

4. Who is being considered to carve the large block of marble that seems to have a defect?
(a) Leonardo da Vinci
(b) Sandro Bottecelli
(c) Domenico Ghirlandaio
(d) Donato Donatello

5. What does Torrigiani do to Michelangelo that causes him to flee the palace?
(a) breaks Michelangelo's tools
(b) breaks Michelangelo's nose
(c) breaks Michelangelo's arm
(d) breaks Michelangelo's sculpture

Short Answer Questions

1. At the palace de Medici, with whom does Michelangelo share quarters?

2. What does the new Pope allow Duke of Urbino to do?

3. Why is Michelangelo unable to show exactly how much he received from Pope Julius?

4. What does Michelangelo discover his father believes about Lorenzo de Medici?

5. Why does the city of Florence bribe Caesar Borgia?

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