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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Nine.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Michelangelo refuse to do for Piero de Medici?
(a) escort his wife
(b) design jewelry for his wife
(c) paint a portrait of his wife
(d) carve a bust of his wife

2. Why does the city of Florence bribe Caesar Borgia?
(a) to come and rule Florence
(b) not to conquer Florence
(c) not to take Florence artists to Rome
(d) to lower Florence's taxes

3. What do the members of the elite academy discuss and learn about?
(a) art, history, and geography
(b) political, literary, music and philosophical ideas
(c) history, religion, and horticulture
(d) science, exploration, and evolution

4. Why is Michelangelo unable to show exactly how much he received from Pope Julius?
(a) he is not allowed to travel to Florence to get his receipts
(b) his receipts were lost in a fire
(c) his recordkeeping is poor
(d) he never kept any receipts

5. After Lodovico dies in 1534, what does Michelangelo do?
(a) sells everything he has in Florence and goes to Spain
(b) sees the work finished on San Lorenzo and returns to Rome
(c) travels to Milan to find new commissions
(d) appeal to Pope Clement for more commissions

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pope Julius II want Michelangelo to carve for him?

2. What does Savonarola preach about the de Medici family?

3. Having lost everything, what is the one contract Michelangelo has?

4. Where is the Contessina sent as she nears marriageable age?

5. What does Michelangelo discover that he cannot do?

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