Daily Lessons for Teaching The Agony and the Ecstasy

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Lesson 1 (from Book One)


Book One

The student will take notes from a lecture on Irving Stone, the de Medici family dynasty, and some of the relevant history of the 16th century.

The student will be able to identify the struggles of Michelangelo as barely a teenager whose only ambition is to be an artist.


Classroom activity:

1. Teacher must be prepared to discuss Irving Stone including historical biographical novels, histories, and other writing. The student must hear about the

research that goes into a historical novel by referencing the bibliography to THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY. The teacher must be prepared to discuss

general history of the times relevant to the problems of excesses in the Catholic Church, especially under certain of the de Medici Popes. The Protestant

Reformation is going on in other parts of Europe (especially Germany) at the same time. Time must be spent on information...

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