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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What contact with Ada excites Van?
(a) She sits on his lap.
(b) He gives her a pony-ride.
(c) They hide together in a cave.
(d) They wrestle.

2. Who shows Van around his aunt's house?
(a) Lucette.
(b) The governness.
(c) Ada.
(d) Marina.

3. At sixteen, who does Ada say she's older than?
(a) Her grandmother at the time of her first divorce.
(b) Her aunt when she first went into the asylum.
(c) Her father when he took his third lover.
(d) Her mother when she first gave birth.

4. When Demon sees Ada, what about her appearance can he not bear?
(a) Her dress.
(b) Her braided hair.
(c) Her shoes.
(d) Her lipstick.

5. Why does Phillip Rack come upstairs, interrupting Ada and Van?
(a) To say goodbye to the family.
(b) To look for a restroom.
(c) To find a quiet place to lie down.
(d) To find a back way out of the house.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is at home when Van first arrives at Ardis Hall?

2. What is the "lolita" that Ada wears?

3. What gymnastic trick does Van help Lucette do?

4. How long do Van and Ada give Lucette to memorize eight lines of poetry?

5. Where do Ada and Van go, where Van compares Ada's body to the girlish body of the past?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Dick cheat at cards, and how does Van best him?

2. What does Van do, when Ada suggests he spank Lucette?

3. What bad habit does Ana stop on her twelfth birthday?

4. How does young Van feel about Ada?

5. What is the first trick Ada and Van use to escape from Lucette?

6. How does Van circumvent the rules about what Ada is supposed to read from the library?

7. What does Ada have to do before she can go off and meet Van in private in Chapter 20?

8. What does Blanche look like as she is ready to leave?

9. How does Van feel about Marina?

10. How does Marina describe Jews to her daughter?

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