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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What activity does Marina do out on the lawn?
(a) Sorts her library books.
(b) Cooks breakfast.
(c) Has her hair styled.
(d) Tries on and chooses new shoes.

2. After Van returns from washing his hands, where does he find Ada?
(a) In Lucette's room, reading her a book.
(b) On a balcony, peeling an apple.
(c) In her bedroom, fast asleep.
(d) In the music room, playing the piano.

3. What feature of Van's and Ada's is extremely similar?
(a) Their hands.
(b) Their lips.
(c) Their noses.
(d) Their eyes.

4. What is the "eremitic reality or collective dream" Van discusses in his dissertation called?
(a) Elysium.
(b) Alluvium.
(c) Terra.
(d) Arcadia.

5. Where does Percy de Prey ask Van to meet him?
(a) At the creek in the woods.
(b) At the stables behind Ardis Hall.
(c) At Maidenhair Road and Tourbiure Lane.
(d) At the islet in Lake Ladore.

Short Answer Questions

1. What meaning does Marina put on Ada's black jumper and black skirt?

2. Who walks in on Ada and Van making love?

3. Who is at home when Van first arrives at Ardis Hall?

4. What is Marina, Demon, and Daniel's shared birthday?

5. Why does Phillip Rack come upstairs, interrupting Ada and Van?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Van write about in his unsent letter to Ada?

2. What bad habit does Ana stop on her twelfth birthday?

3. In Marina's last days, why is Van planning a trip to America?

4. What causes Lucette to follow Ada and Van around in Chapter 34?

5. How does Demon discover that Van is living with Ada?

6. What does Lucette say about Ada's hands?

7. What does Van do after leaving Demon?

8. How does Ada act when she tells stories at the table?

9. What excuse does Van make up to have time alone with Ada?

10. What becomes of Ada's old governess?

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