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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Three, Chapters 5-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what Manhattan landmark building did Dan propose to Marina in 1871?
(a) The first Manhattan glass-walled building.
(b) The first Manhattan brownstone.
(c) The first ten-floor Manhattan building.
(d) The first commercial apartment building in Manhattan.

2. What does Van invite Lucette to do?
(a) Go out to dinner with him and spend the night.
(b) Come stay at his Manhattan flat with him.
(c) Come to Ardis Hall with him.
(d) Travel with him to Paris and London.

3. What causes both Van and Ada to rush back to the house?
(a) They are afraid they've left their diaries out.
(b) Rain has started to pour down.
(c) They are angry and want to each be alone.
(d) They've forgotten a visitor is arriving.

4. Why does Phillip Rack come upstairs, interrupting Ada and Van?
(a) To say goodbye to the family.
(b) To find a back way out of the house.
(c) To find a quiet place to lie down.
(d) To look for a restroom.

5. What does Dorothy come to believe about Van?
(a) That he's secretly in love with Dorothy.
(b) That he's helping Ada arrange to meet a lover.
(c) That he's helping Ada meet a divorce lawyer.
(d) That he's Ada's lover.

Short Answer Questions

1. At sixteen, who does Ada say she's older than?

2. Why does Ada want to give Lucette a bath?

3. Who shows Van around his aunt's house?

4. What is the "eremitic reality or collective dream" Van discusses in his dissertation called?

5. What gymnastic trick does Van help Lucette do?

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