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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Two, Chapters 1-4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Marina have in her screwdrivers instead of orange juice?
(a) Apple juice.
(b) Lime juice.
(c) Grapefruit juice.
(d) Tomato juice.

2. How was Mr. Plunkett exposed at cheating at cards?
(a) He was in a game with another card shark who spotted his tricks.
(b) His rooms were searched by the police while he was playing in a poker game.
(c) He collapsed with heart problems, and his opponent searched his pockets.
(d) He was stopped by a club owner, held down, and searched.

3. Who does Van think is the most obvious choice that might have given him the note?
(a) The governess.
(b) Lucette.
(c) Bout.
(d) Blanche.

4. At the table at Ardis Hall, who does Lucette sit between?
(a) Ada and the governess.
(b) Ada and Van.
(c) Van and Marina.
(d) Marina and the governess.

5. What does Marina suspect might be Van's reason for leaving?
(a) His father is ill.
(b) He has left a girlfriend in London.
(c) He is angry at something she said.
(d) He is eloping with Blanche.

Short Answer Questions

1. What question of Van's does Ada not answer in Chapter 12?

2. What phrase does Ana use repetitively throughout her first communication with Van?

3. In 1888, when Van visits Ardis Hall, what gift does he carry in his pocket?

4. On his way to catch the train to Luga, Mayne, to resume school, what excuse does Van make to stop the car to meet Ada?

5. What was Van's first novel called?

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