Ada; or, Ardor: A Family Chronicle Fun Activities

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Family Tree

Make a family tree showing the relationships in Van and Ada's families.

Movie Poster for Letters from Terra

In the novel, Van's book Letters from Terra is made into an unauthorized and highly successful film. Make a movie poster for the Letters from Terra film described in the novel.

Terran Story about Antiterra

The novel Ada, or Ardor takes place on Antiterra, and the characters believe in a mirror-world called Terra. Write a myth that exists on Terra about the events on Antiterra.

Lucette in the Afterlife

In Ada, or Ardor, a popular belief is that people go to Terra after they die. Write a story about Lucette's experience on Terra after her suicide.

Ada; or, Ardor Book Cover

Make your own book cover design for Ada, or Ardor. Include your own description of the novel on the back cover. Also include a brief explanation of...

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