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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the letter from which the reporter produces speaking of Sports Jacket?

2. Where does the Superintendent refer to there being spies to the reporter when he claps his hands?

3. What instinctive gesture did the Anarchist not do when falling to his death?

4. Who says, "Do people demand a really just system? Well, we'll arrange it so that they'll be satisfied with one that's a little less unjust?"

5. What does Bertozzo not know about in Act 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the Superintendent and Sports Jacket do regarding Bertozzo's protestations regarding the Maniac?

2. What does the journalist say about the Anarchist's death being an accident? What is she implying?

3. What information is learned from the phone call during the meeting of the Maniac and the police officers? What reaction does this cause?

4. What does the Maniac re-costume himself as before the reporter arrives? What do the others say?

5. What does the Maniac ask regarding the window during the Anarchist's interrogation? What is the reply?

6. What is the Maniac's reaction to the explanations behind the Anarchist's jump?

7. What does the journalist ask Bertozzo about the bomb when he enters? What is his reply?

8. What "new character" does the Maniac reveal himself to be in Act 2, Scene 1? How do the others react?

9. What does the Maniac argue regarding the alibi witnesses? How does the journalist respond to this argument?

10. What does Bertozzo slip out regarding the bomb to the journalist? What do the others do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the plot structure of Accidental Death of an Anarchist. Define and give examples of the terms action, rising action, climax, and falling action in your discussion.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss "Class Oppression" as a theme in Accidental Death of an Anarchist. How is this theme exemplified in the play? Where is this topic presented and argued? By whom?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Fo's use of Irony in Accidental Death of an Anarchist. What is Irony? How are the three types of Irony employed in the play? Who employs them?

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