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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who says to the reporter that being ahead of time is "all important" for the police?
(a) The Superintendent.
(b) The Maniac.
(c) The Constable.
(d) Bertozzo.

2. What, according to the reports, was the Anarchist's death ruled as?
(a) A murder.
(b) A mistake.
(c) A suicide.
(d) An accident.

3. According to the reporter, "the report on the _____ of the fall seems to be missing from the judge's dossier."
(a) Distance.
(b) Parabola.
(c) Angle.
(d) Depth.

4. Who remarks to the reporter, "Oh, we often call for stretchers, just in case, because you never know . . . and sometimes we hit it at just the right minute, as you see?"
(a) The Maniac.
(b) Bertozzo.
(c) The Constable.
(d) Sports Jacket.

5. What does Bertozzo admit it seems the "real bomb" was probably made by?
(a) Military professionals.
(b) Railroad workers.
(c) Laymen.
(d) Scientists.

6. When does the reporter have to turn in her article?
(a) In three days.
(b) In two days.
(c) Next week.
(d) This evening.

7. What did the police do with the one bomb which was recovered undetonated?
(a) Blew it up.
(b) Had it examined.
(c) Sent it to the lab.
(d) Gave it to the Russians.

8. Which character says, "If they had every member of that little pilgrim band under total and continuous surveillance, how come the band was able to organize such a complicated attack, without your coming in to stop them?"
(a) The Superintendent.
(b) The Journalist.
(c) The Maniac.
(d) Sports Jacket.

9. What excuse does the Maniac give the reporter why the bomb was buried?
(a) To save the public.
(b) To hide the evidence.
(c) To acquit themselves.
(d) To kill the rats.

10. What does the Maniac tell Sports Jacket he's done when he slaps him on the back?
(a) Hurt his back.
(b) Knocked out his glass eye.
(c) Caused an aneurism.
(d) Made him upset to his stomach.

11. What does the Maniac do accidentally with his "eye?"
(a) Throws it out the window.
(b) Buries it.
(c) Swallows it.
(d) Drops it.

12. Where is the letter from which the reporter produces speaking of Sports Jacket?
(a) San Salvador prison.
(b) Rome Institution.
(c) San Vittore prison.
(d) San Ulelisi prison.

13. Who says, regarding the journalist, "Don't you understand yet that I'm in the same boat with you guys? People like her you have to try to get on your side, not against you?"
(a) Bertozzo.
(b) The Superintendent.
(c) The Maniac.
(d) The Constable.

14. What piece of evidence does the Maniac say proves that the officer tried to save the Anarchist?
(a) His glasses.
(b) His cigarettes.
(c) His shoe.
(d) His glove.

15. When, according to the reporter, did the Anarchist jump precisely?
(a) Three minutes before 12.
(b) Midnight.
(c) Three minutes past 12.
(d) One a.m.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the journalist ask if she may use during the interview?

2. Who says, "All right, all right, don't pull those long faces. Cheer up! I promise that from this moment on I won't poke fun at you anymore. The proceedings will be absolutely serious?"

3. What instinctive gesture did the Anarchist not do when falling to his death?

4. Who does the Maniac finally tell the reporter he really is?

5. What happens when Sports Jacket shakes the Maniac's hand after explaining the bomb scenario?

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